Chloe Uberkid’s New Year Resolutions

Chloe Thurston is one of the original social media mamas – a mum of five who started out as a blogger at and today has over 100,000 followers on Instagram @chloeuberkid. She’s also down-to-earth, with a colourfully maximalist visual style that shows kids, toys, clothes and interiors pieces presented in various degrees of disarray.

Chloe manages to capture the sheer commotion of everyday life with a growing brood, while reminding us that mess can be marvellous and chaos can be creative. We approached her for some inspiring New Year resolutions.

In 2019 I will (or want to)...

Be more present

Not only do I want to disconnect more from the digital world, I would love to take a note out of the kids’ book and be more present in the moment – not simply there in body but thinking about the next thing on my major to-do list!

Be more organised

As part of being present within a family of seven, I think we need an extreme organisation upheaval! We are going to try and schedule things in over the month and stick to them: ten minutes reading together, a two-hour bike ride, set times for concentrated working and easy meal plans are all goals.

Travel more widely

We are so often swayed by the promise of a holiday in the sun, but I would love to show the kids more of the world – and brave the weather that comes with it!