Soft, Smooth, Supple… And Sustainable Baby Clothes. Better For Your Baby And Better For Their Planet

Soft, smooth, supple—these words resonate with every parent seeking the perfect cocoon for their little one. Every parent wants to wrap their babies in pure comfort. We all strive to ensure our babies, toddlers, and children are snug, comfy and confident in the clothes we buy for them. But the clothes we buy not only impact our kids. The choices we make for their wardrobes have wider-reaching impacts on the world they are set to inherit.

That’s why at Organic Zoo, sustainability is just as important to us as style. We’ll always dress your baby in cosy, cuddling comfort, while also weaving a conscious thread into the fabric of their future world. Let's dive into selecting the finest fibres for your baby's tender skin and the role they play in our precious ecosystem.

Baby in Bodysuit with Olive Print & Wool Oatmeal Booties with Brown Ribbons

Organic Cotton As Pure As Your Baby’s Skin

Picture this: cotton as billowy as the clouds, wool as snug as a granny’s embrace. Organic fibres reign supreme in this narrative. Unlike their conventional counterparts, organics are gentler on your baby's skin and also leave a lighter footprint on our planet's soil, air and water.

First up, cotton—one of life’s basic necessities, and one of the first tools for your little one to begin upon their life’s journey. There’s cotton, and then there’s cotton. Let's go right back to basics. Cotton comes from a plant that grows gayly in fluffy little puffs atop scraggly brown stems. Conventional cotton is doused with a cocktail of pesticides, fertilisers and other artificial chemicals to help it reach its best potential. These chemicals follow the cotton along its path to be picked, cleaned, spun into thread and woven into fabric. But they don’t just stick to the threads, those same chemicals leech into the soil, affecting other plants, waterways and animals.

While on the organic side of the fence, those same puffy fluffs come to being without all the chemical interventions. Pesticides are not leeched into the soil, fertilisers are not clinging to the clothes they help create. All of the emissions involved in creating, packaging, shipping and applying those chemicals are taken out of the equation too. It’s clear if planet friendliness is something you’d like to continue shifting your lifestyle toward, sustainable baby clothes are a great step in the right direction. Organic cotton means rejecting harmful chemicals that poison our earth's veins—soil, water, and air. It's a small shift with colossal consequences, safeguarding our planet for generations to come.

Baby Wearing Bodysuit, Oatmeal Wool Cardigan, Oatmeal Tassel Wool Hat & Oatmeal Wool Booties Lying in Moses Basket

Staying Comfy And Cosy In Wonderful Wool

Let's have a little peep at the world of wool, shall we? Beyond its cosy reputation, wool is a true shining star for your baby's wardrobe. It's more than just warmth; it's a natural wonder, effortlessly regulating temperature and wicking moisture to ensure your little one stays snug and comfortable in any environment. In any iteration, it’s an incredible fibre, produced by nature, that holds warmth next to your baby’s skin when it’s chilly, it breathes in the sunshine, it is water-repellent, naturally anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It’s even fire-retardant, adding a layer of safety to your baby's adventures, and peace to your mind. With a natural product so fantastic, why would we meddle with it?

When working with wool, we have an extra consideration, that of animal welfare. We only use wool from sheep who are treated with the utmost care and respect, given the freedom to exhibit their natural behaviours and generally get on with their sheepy business. All our woollen yarns are 100% mulesing-free and RWS (responsible wool standard) certified. Our wool comes from happy sheep, who gladly got a haircut as the weather warmed up, giving them a breath of fresh air and your little one a snuggly woollen pullover to cuddle up in once it cools down again.

Making Eco-Conscious Fabric Choices

What about other fabrics? Polyester, nylon, acrylic—they may be convenient, but at what cost? Derived from non-renewable resources, they fuel the scourge of microplastic pollution, chipping away at the health of our planet. We’re simply not interested. By shopping with us at Organic Zoo, you’re voting with your dollar, and we’re definitely leading the charge away from fossil fuels, synthetic fibres, and microplastics.

Baby Wearing White Bodysuit & Playsuit with Milk Print Playing in Moses Basket

Opt for Organics for a Happy Baby and Happy Planet

By choosing organic cotton and wool, you're not just dressing your baby—you're making a stand for a world where comfort and sustainability walk hand in hand. Remember the mantra: soft, smooth, supple, and sustainable. Because in the tapestry of your baby's wardrobe, nothing outshines the gentle touch of organic fibres—better for your baby and better for their planet.

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