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Growing, playing, exploring, experimenting, testing, wondering, there is so much more that our little ones are up to than simply sleeping, eating and wetting their nappies. Babies and toddlers are very busy working out exactly how the world works, building their database of sights, smells, sounds, tastes and textures. And toys can become some of the most important tools for getting this work done.

A baby can experiment with sound as they knock two blocks together, they can wonder what their lovey is thinking about as it lays there atop a pile of baby bedding, they explore textures as they suck on their teething ring, one of their first science experiments will probably be dipping one of your most beautiful organic baby blankets in the dog’s water bowl!


We want to give your little ones beautiful, natural, sustainable tools for all this learning. And so that’s what we’ve made: organic toys that have been certified by the European Union toys regulation to be CE suitable for all ages CE 0+. We love them dearly, and we’re sure your littlest loved ones will feel just the same way.

Dolls and soft toys are incredibly important things for little children. Even the smallest babies will occasionally find themselves alone, and alone can be a scary place. The wonderful thing about a doll is they’re never busy. They don’t need to go to the bathroom, get the dinner ready or just send this message. They’re here for you, day and night, through thick and thin.

Our kind, caring, cuddly zoonies will be one of the newborn toys your little one can turn to whenever they need someone to talk to, someone to be with, someone to rely on for that little boost to get through the moments until mum or dad gets back.

They are made of the softest cotton and filled with recycled materials to be gentle on your baby and kind to the planet. And in two iconic prints, when you just have to be matching with your best buddy, you can be! Twins!

And lastly, just take a moment to think about how your little one is actually going to use their new toy. That’s right. They’re going to put it in their mouth. They’ll suck on it, chew it and generally get really up close and personal. Because of this, it’s essential that your baby’s toys are free of harmful chemicals and as safe and natural as can be.

All of our natural toys are hypoallergenic, organic and totally safe for the smallest babies to use. Babies with the most sensitive skin will find something they can safely explore in our toy chest. Fill your kids room with soft and cuddly zoonies in organic cotton onesies, dye-free, natural maple wood teething rings, and stacking toys made of naturally anti-bacterial wood, which are all wonderful, safe toys for the most delicate members of our families.

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Discovery Packs

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