Fun, Food and Friends!


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In celebration of Fun, Food, Friends! collection we asked some of our favourite creators to open their homes and share their magic ingredients for a carefree and fun filled time.

Sade Llits is a mum to three children based in Central New Jersey with a passion for photography, fashion and interiors. You can find her sharing motherhood and everything in between on her Instagram page.

Tell us about where you live?

I’m a mother of three small children and we live in an old colonial in a small town in Central New Jersey with beautiful landscapes. Our neighbourhood is very family oriented with tons of activities for every type of family from hiking, biking, festivals, and much more. It’s summer here now, so we love to explore everything our neighbourhood has to offer.

Whats the hardest thing about getting three children ready in the morning and how do you keep it fun?

The hardest thing about getting the kids ready in the morning is to get them to stay focus on the task of getting ready! I get it’s hard for them because they are children, and their brains are moving a mile a minute on what things to do. So it’s all over the place most mornings, but the only game that works with us with getting them ready fast is Simon says. “Simon says go brush your teeth” and they’ll run to the bathroom and get it done. They’re very competitive with that game and it’s a great reverse psychology method and also helps them stay focused on what’s important and what needs to be done at that moment. Plus they love it and it keeps things feeling more fun than stressful!

How do your children have fun when they are at home?

My children really love to build obstacle courses, scattering all my pillows across the floor. They jump from couch to couch and make such a mess that really can make mama cringe but I love to see them play together which such energy and imagination. I enjoy doing a lot of things like baking and arts and craft, but I don’t get time to do it as often after having my third child. But before the craziness we would make cards for the neighbours with felt and construction paper or we’ll bake a cake together even though we are horrible at it. We read a lot together as well as a family, we have tons of children’s books about everything you can possibly think of. I didn’t have access to books when I was a child so reading to my children makes me so happy.

Do you all get to get together to eat, what does a great meal look like for your family?

My favourite memories of food from my childhood are Sunday dinners. Sunday is the big meal day, where our family comes together, we spend quality time, chat, laugh and eat all the good food! I also love picnics. Though I am of course there for the food, I am there for the aesthetic as well. The more fruits and sweets the better, I always seem to add a book or two, a summer drink and a few toys for the kids.