Welcome to my little zooniverse at home

It’s not just Organic Zoo’s designs that make it unique – it’s their ethical and sustainable approach to creating childrenswear - said Selfridges&Co in their article called "At home with the next Big Thing", where we were featured among some other exciting designers and makers.

We talked to Selfridges&Co about how we are currently running our design studio from home. If it sounds interesting, click here to read the full article, or see the highlights below.

We’ve also made a short video so you can have a peek inside our little home zooniverse...



How have you kept Organic Zoo running since lockdown started?
Organic Zoo’s design studio is currently run from the comfort of our living room. Despite having access to limited resources, we are doing the best we can to adjust and find new ways to remain creative.

Any advice for balancing family life and work during isolation?
It’s not always easy to juggle family life and work in the same space, but it’s easier since we set a few ground rules – like setting the work hours (uninterrupted if possible) and keeping your work in the designated work area. We’re also dressing up each morning as we would normally. It might sound a bit clichéd, but it really helps us maintain work discipline and a positive mindset.