Meet The Maker

Meet artist Esther Schuivens.

The Ted and Tone brand was born from the imagination of Esther Schuivens. Her artwork, created in her Belgium studio, is inspired by the everyday beauty of home and family life. The minimal colours and charming outlines in her simple designs leave space and allow for little ones to dream, adding their own characters and stories.

For Esther, being surrounded by art and creativity at home helps to keep us grounded, adding happiness to our days, an idea captured in her tagline "add a lovely touch to your space and a smile to your face”.

Esther believes children benefit from the joy of creativity at home, where the creative process is reminiscent of play, with the freedom to experiment without focusing on outcomes. Making becomes a source of delight and wonder as well as learning.

The limited edition print she has created for Organic Zoo represents the idea of coming together within a community, whether as a family or group of friends is left to the imagination. ‘Gathering’ is available in two sizes, each with a unique serial number.

“Being surrounded by the colours you like, the little objects you collect, and the art you add to your space is what makes you feel ‘you’. For a nursery, I also hope that my art stands for a special time in your life when your children were young…amongst other treasures of that time.”

- Esther