An ultimate Staycation

‘Explore our top tips of how to enjoy a staycation wherever you are’

Let’s be honest we all love a holiday, but who said you need the hassle of packing up your life for 10 days, finding someone to house sit the plants and journeying far far away. Dare I mention the endless are we there yets! Have you ever stopped to think that there are people all over the world who would pay to come on holiday where you live? It might surprise you, what adventures there are to be had just a stone throw away. We think staycations are the next best thing, keep reading as we explore our top tips of how to enjoy your staycation wherever you are…


  • Get in the holiday mood – The key to a great staycation is the right mindset, allowing yourself to step away from your every day routine. Early morning walks aren’t just for holidays, neither are sea swims! The sunrise is beautiful wherever you are and meals eaten outside always taste better.
  • A little research – Get ideas of some places you’d like to visit or explore locally, even if you’re only loosely planning. You may feel like you have no idea what you’re looking for or even where to start, we hear you! Here are some apps we’ve found that will help you to find the hidden treasures near you…

All Trails – This app is great for walks and trails big or small, Just set your location or search a particular area and the app will show you all of the walks in the area. You can also search specific attractions such as caves, wildflowers, lakes, hot springs, forests, waterfalls, beaches! This resource is a game changer and we hope you find it as useful as we have.




For those of you who are based in the Uk, we’ve found that National Trust is a brilliant option for daytrips. There’s likely one not too far from you as there are over 300 located around the UK. Usually home to a beautiful historic building, if you’re looking for something with a bit of character or a place for some imaginative play this will be perfect for you and your family. They have café’s and plenty of outdoor space, picnics are welcome as well as our furry friends! If you love it you can buy an annual membership.



  • Pack for all four seasons (For those of you in the UK especially😊) – the weather can be unpredictable but there’s no need for it to ruin our fun! Wellies for those muddy puddles and a sun hat for when the sun comes out to play. And don’t forget the layers, bring plenty of socks to save your toes getting chilly and a sweatshirt to feel snug as a bug. Chuck in a beach towel, even if you’re not planning to go to the beach it is sure to come in handy along the way.



  • Nature Play – Being close to nature is always soothing, offering endless free resources for play and fun; the great outdoors is the perfect place to get creative. Let your imagination run wild, explore, think of some games you could play, make a list of all the treasures you hope to find! #Wecollectedthese is a movement started by @GraspandGather that encourages little ones to think outside the box and collect pieces from their adventures and play along the way. We believe there is beauty in everything – you just have to look around.



  • Snacks! - It goes without saying that snacks are an essential, they make the journeys easier and fuel our little adventurers. Take a backpack or a basket with you, if you don’t have one we love Olli Ella’s Piki rattan basket to store all your goodies and treasures!


                             You can’t plan for everything so enjoy and embrace the unexpected.