To be loved again

Our preloved shopping recommendations


Any mother who has delighted in buying beautiful pieces of clothing for their babies, knows that bittersweet feeling of seeing little arms outgrow much loved sweaters and once baggy pants quickly becoming much too short. Suddenly it’s time to say goodbye to yet another favourite…but do we have to?

A piece of clothing that has been made with love and care will maintain its quality and purpose, long after its original use.

There’s something very special and rather precious about preloved favourites which have been passed down to be enjoyed again and again; each one having its own stories of past adventures and love from the tiny before. The joy comes in breathing new life into something which could have easily been considered no longer needed. As well as being kind on the wallet and our beautiful planet, buying and selling preloved is a wonderful way to do our part in encouraging sustainable living in a world surrounded by fast fashion and waste. It’s no surprise that we’ve seen a rise in stores and businesses selling second hand clothing recently. Here at Organic Zoo we want to show our support and spread the word so here are some of our favourite resources for you to enjoy shopping and selling preloved fashion for both kids and adults.




For babies and kids

Mini- Cycle , Instagram

@PrelovedbyLuna ( private IG account)

Pawsey Preloved Website Instagram

Bediddy Website ; Instagram

Little preloved closet 

For adults

Curate and Rotate 

Threads by Jade 

Edit Second Hand 


Other great online resources:





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