Time Of Harvest- the moodboard and inspiration

We are beyond excited to announce that our new collection Time Of Harvest is launching in less than a week, at 9pm on Sunday 9th October 2022 BST ( according to our London clocks! ).

It  became our tradition to share with you what sparks our ideas every season. This time it has been seasons themselves.

Seasons are fascinating. If we look around us, everything seems to have seasonal rhythm. There is a beauty and assurance in it.

There is time for everything. There’s time to plant a seed. There is time to watch it grow. And finally we welcome the time of harvest. The cycle of life, with each step to enjoy and stay present with.

During every season nature offers different givings. From fragrant flowers in Spring and ripe fruits in Autumn, to calming hibernation in Winter. Nature nourishes us with its richness of hues and flavours. 

Time Of Harvest is a celebration of seasons.

We can't wait to share with you what we have been working on, hoping that you will like it as much as we do!