Little people are creatures of habit. They thrive in an environment filled with routine, stability and predictability. The baby who anticipates mum’s loving kisses and cuddles on her return will likely wave and smile as she heads off to work. The child who knows that dad will be there at the end of kinder will play happily until he arrives. And the toddler who knows that after dinner, it’s a bath, a story, then goodnight will muck in with the procession and eventually crawl into bed. This need for stability is all the stronger at bedtime. When little bodies are tired, they can’t cope with as much change, and that often extends to the material objects that make up their bedtime world.

Because of this, we have crafted organic, high-quality bedding sets in simple, soothing prints and colours that can be used night after night. Our prints don’t go in and out of style. They will match harmoniously with the rest of your nursery bedding, and be right on theme with the rest of your room decor. Each one is reversible, meaning you can change the look of your kids room simply by flipping the duvet. Turn back the top for a peek of the colour below, and you’ve got instant, fuss-free bedroom styling.

We know how important a toddler’s sleep is, not just for them but for the family as a whole, so we’re doing everything we can to help your little one make the sometimes difficult transition into the land of dreams. Our signature bedding sets will hold them safe as they drift away from their parents and into sleep, probably taking a zoonie or two with them! (What’s a zoonie? Find them here amongst our toys.)

Your baby will (or hopefully will!) spend a vast amount of their time asleep. That means hours in their cot, snuggled under an organic baby blanket or nursery bedding, on their mattress. As we know, babies, toddlers and children have the softest, most delicate skin, and that skin is very susceptible to the effects of harsh chemicals. That’s why we choose organic fibres for all our clothes, and we think organic bedding is the way to go too. With their face right on the mattress, we want the most gentle, natural materials for them to lie on.

As our bedding is made from the very same highest-quality fabrics that we make our clothes from, it is soft and smooth and definitely not going to be itchy or irritating at all. Sleep is hard enough to come by. No one needs an itchy duvet cover to make it even harder! Our baby & toddler bedding sets are sure to be the soft, comforting snuggle that your sleeping little one needs.

Yes they are. We’ve ensured our sets are made to fit standard-sized kids bedding from popular UK department stores such as John Lewis. International standards may vary (as we know they can do for adult pillows), so always check your existing duvet or pillows, or we can happily assist you, reach out to us using your preferred social channel or email us.

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