Happy Easter!

In the run-up to Easter, we asked influencer Melly Pook to tell us a little bit about how she and her family see in the Spring...
Could you tell us a little about you and where you live?
We are based in Sussex and I absolutely adore where we live. We’re between the countryside and the coast – the best of both worlds in my eyes.
Do you have favourite spots in Sussex to visit with your kids on a sunny spring day?
The children love throwing pebbles in the sea and eating ice cream. They also love going to the local farm and seeing all the animals. Our favourite is Washbrooks Farm.
What is your kids’ favourite outdoor activity?
You can never go wrong with a trip to the park.
With April showers on the way, what are your best ways of spending rainy days with kids?
Putting on our coats and wellies and jumping in muddy puddles. I’m pretty sure this is every child’s dream.

Do you have any Easter traditions or fun activities you can share with us and other mums?
For us, Easter is all about spending time with family. As a child, my dad would create the most amazing Easter egg hunts with clues and I still remember them now. I would really love to create those kinds of memories for my own children, so I’ll be creating an Easter egg hunt that hopefully we can do every year.