Small people in a big world...

Summer time is all about making memories that stay with us forever! Whilst we don't want to spoil these special moments with flashing cameras, all of us love to capture a glimpse of them, just so we can hold on to the moment for a little longer!
We sat down with Magda, our sister, friend and photographer, for a short talk about her passion for taking pictures and the latest Organic Zoo's photoshoot. She shares a few wisdoms and tips on how to use your own creativity and take unique beautiful photographs.

My name is Magda. I'm a photographer. Taking pictures brings me a lot of joy and contentment. When taking photos, I am always guided by my intuition. I have been using natural light more and more as I believe that lots of practise is the only way to get better at things!

How can we find our own style as a photographer?

I think that the best way is to focus on bringing out the emotions and beauty without losing the authenticity of the photographed person, thing, or place. Use photography to tell a story as you see and feel it. By using your own emotions, we are creating unique images. "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. " as Oscar Wilde once said!

What are your tips for taking photos of children?

First, make sure your lenses are clean! :-)
Try to avoid giving orders to your little models! "Keep smiling" or demanding poses usually has the opposite result. I recommend having fun together and taking photos spontaneously! Use little help (from friends, siblings, or pets even! ) to distract your child from the camera. And don’t forget to take breaks between photos to keep things relaxed and avoid discouragement and grumpy faces!

Common mistakes and how to avoid them…

It is easy to get stressed because we all want THIS PERFECT picture! Instead try to stay open minded! This perfect photo may end up being something completely different to what you initially imagined, but surprisingly it might be even better!

Where did the idea for photographing children with a drone come from?

The idea was born out of curiosity – I wanted to play with perspective.
My partner and I have been using camera and drone at the same time and I am loving how we are able to create diverse shots of the same places and objects. It's wonderfully surprising how differently the world looks from the above:-)
The idea of this Organic Zoo’s photoshoot was to try using different perspective with children, not only landscapes. Small people in a big world….