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This week, meet Bianca Burge, the founder of Plan B Sleep Consultancy from Melbourne.

Bianca helps parents of babies and toddlers who experience specific sleep issues. Her philosophy is based on science and experience that’s paired with a nurturing and holistic approach to sleep training.

“My core mission at Plan B Sleep Consulting is to give parents the essential sleep tools to allow their babies to live their most happy and healthy lives.”

What advice would you give to our first time parents? 

One thing I cannot stress enough is if it is working for you then don’t change it! If you are needing help then ask for it. Try not to get bogged down in what your baby should be doing but focus more on how they are doing. Are they thriving? Happy, Content, Meeting their milestones and gaining weight? The world of social media can make you really question your choices but please don’t let them. You are doing an amazing job.

Could you share a few tips that will help parents to teach their babies a better sleep habits?

The simplest first step to help your baby sleep better is to create the perfect environment for a restful sleep. Some of the top tips would include:

- Keep the room dark from 4-6 weeks of age to increase melatonin production and reduce stimulation
- Use white noise from birth to 12 months to mimic the familiar womb sounds and block out environmental noises
- Keep the white noise between 60-65Db, especially in the early mornings when loud noises may wake your baby

My second suggestion would be learning the skills to be able to settle and resettle.
Believe it or not, linking cycles is a learned skill. At six weeks, they start taking short naps as they begin to produce their melatonin. Though waking up during the night is normal for babies and adults, how a baby falls back to sleep can affect their ability to learn this skill. For example, if a baby is always rocked to sleep, they may learn that this is the only way to sleep.

How important is routine when comes to sleep?

Consistency and routine are key when it comes to teaching your baby the important skills of self-settling and resettling. The more consistent you are with your routine, the more your baby will learn this skill. Although newborns do not have well-established nap windows, working towards establishing them from 4-5 months may aid in their development. If your baby is overtired due to lack of sleep, it may affect their ability to learn and develop this skill.

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Photography by Bec Hudson and Abigail Watson.