Cabin fever

Fiona Burrage of @nor_folk on renovating a holiday rental and her love of cabin life


1. What made you want to renovate a cabin as a holiday rental?
We’ve been looking for a project for over five years. There have been so many properties we almost bought, from a Victorian butcher’s shop to a flint barn. This particular cabin came on the market a year earlier and the timing just wasn’t right. It was then listed last year on 24th April and we viewed it on the 25th April (my birthday) and made an offer the same day, which was accepted the following day. We’ve travelled a lot recently and we were excited to put all our learnings into creating something with our own vision – while simultaneously building the Nor–Folk brand.

2. What do you think are the tenets of good design?

I start with function and practicality, which might sound dull. The layout and the function of every piece of furniture or product is scrutinised, the sum total must be that they all work together harmoniously. For me, the visual is the easy part – but I don’t want style without substance.

3. Cabin accounts are so popular on Instagram at the moment. Do you have any favourites?
I follow the obvious (@cabinporn) and also enjoy following and interacting with

4. What do you love about cabin life?

The simplicity. But I also love our proximity to the water. I’m longing for the weather to improve and hoping to get across and watch the world go by on the river – when it’s not booked!

5. What would be your ultimate cabin stay?
Ooh that’s easy, the Vipp Shelter in Sweden.