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Simplicity and originality are at the heart of everything we do at Organic Zoo. Our distinctive designs and patterns are worn by kids living simple, happy childhoods in families who appreciate the joy of living with less. We create understated, comfortable, unisex clothes that leave room for the important things in life - playing, learning, loving and growing. Timeless yet playful pieces made for play, naps and everything in between, in beautiful colour palettes and patterns that stand out from the crowd.

In the whirlwind that is life with a newborn baby, you’ll have no time for or interest in fussy designs with complicated clasps or fancy shapes, and your little one will be perfectly happy in simple, soft organic cotton clothes. Newborn baby clothes should give baby’s arms and legs the space to stretch, wriggle and wave about. They should be made of soft fabrics with smooth seams that won't scratch or irritate their delicate skin and use only organic fibres that leave their bodies, homes and a world free of nasty chemicals. Our comfies fit the bill perfectly.

In those precious first few months, your baby drifts in and out of sleep. There’s barely any distinction between ‘clothes’ and ‘pyjamas’ at this age, so you want to make sure everything you put them in is comfortable enough for sleep. All of our organic newborn clothes will take them effortlessly into dreamland and back again, and they are all easy for you to get on and off when a nappy needs changing, no matter the time of night or day. Whether they’re wearing bodysuits or bloomers for tummy time in the sunshine, cuddling up in onesies, baby socks & tights, and bonnets in the depths of winter, or heading out and about in salopettes on those in-between days, your baby will be perfectly comfy in our beautiful organic newborn clothes.

The benefits of organic baby clothes are twofold. They are better for your baby’s delicate skin, and they are better for the world that your little one has just arrived in.

We care deeply about sustainability and want our clothes to tread as lightly on our beautiful planet as they can. To this end, everything we produce is 100% organic, meaning no GMO seeds or harmful chemicals are used in their production, processing or packaging. A newborn baby has nothing but future, and we want to make that future as green as it can be. We’re working towards a zooniverse where the bees still buzz, the birds still flit from tree to tree in sun-dappled woods, and pristine water flows in streams - now and forevermore.

Coming out of the forest and into the home, there is a strong case for organic fibres for your baby’s clothes, organic baby bibs, toys and blankets. A newborn baby’s skin is thin and very porous. This means that anything that touches the skin, including residues on fabrics, is readily absorbed and enters into baby’s system. Conventional cotton has largely unregulated use of potentially harmful or toxic chemicals in the washing, dying and printing processes which have been shown to cause allergies, rashes and respiratory problems. The best way to keep all that nasty stuff away from your little bundle is to opt for clean, natural, organic cotton and wool. Whether shopping for your own baby or looking for baby gifts, organic fibres are undoubtedly the best choice. That’s why we keep our whole zooniverse organic, and we always will.

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