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It wasn’t that long ago that most little ones were born into a world with grannies or aunties who had the time and skill to craft beautiful hand-knitted organic blankets, mittens and baby hats to be ready for their arrival, making sure they were warm and cosy from day one. Nowadays, that kind of know-how and free time is less abundant, but babies still need snuggliness!

We want to be their stand-in grannies who have spent the wee hours of the night sitting in rocking chairs in front of the fire, knitting lovely organic newborn clothes, little hats and baby bonnets to welcome your little ones into the world. (Ok, maybe the rocking chair bit was made up, but we did knit the hats with love and care!)

We’ve made hats and bonnets for all seasons - nordic style woollen bonnets with adorable tassels for the coldest of months, sweet pixie bonnets which work year-round, even terry cotton bucket hats for the sunnier parts of the zooniverse! Keeping your little one’s head warm is very important, and a soft and cosy organic hat is just the thing to help. After all, they probably haven’t grown very much hair yet, so they’ll need all the help they can get! Our sweet baby bonnets take your little one from birth till their first birthday, just the thing for keeping the tiniest heads cosy. With their adorable tassel and matching booties, they bundle up into the perfect newborn gift. Bigger little ones can snuggle up in our woollen bobble hats that are as fun as they are cuddly. The whole zooniverse is yours to explore, keeping warm from tip to toe.

They are just so undeniably, adorably cute. A pixie bonnet is one of the sweetest baby accessories that makes your little one look like a character from a nursery rhyme or fairy tale. But actually, they are very practical and serve one quite surprising purpose.

A newborn hat or bonnet is close-fitting and snug on your baby’s head, keeping them cosy and warm. They also tie sweetly under your baby’s chin, helping to keep them in place. These are both fantastic benefits of dressing your little one in a bonnet. But the real reason we love pixie bonnets for newborns and very small babies is that they cover their tiny, delicate ears helping to muffle and soften the noise of the big wide world.

After all those months spent cuddled up in the womb, babies find muffled, muted sounds very comforting, and so recreating those conditions with a bonnet could be just the thing needed to soothe a fussy bub. All that squirming and crying could just be their best attempt at saying, ‘It’s a bit too loud out here!’.

Hats are a year-round thing. The real reason we make so many kinds of hats here at Organic Zoo, is because hats are the key to being happy and comfortable outdoors. Our dream is that little explorers all over the zooniverse can get out and about in nature, experimenting, discovering, and having fun. We want to make comfy, organic babies’ kids’ and toddler clothes and accessories all that exploring possible.

Our kids sun hats and bucket hats protect little faces, necks, and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, meaning they can play outdoors for as long as they like without the worry of getting sunburnt. Paired with some shorts, kids tops and a thorough lathering of sunscreen, our bucket hats are the ticket to summertime fun. And as sunglasses can be a hard sell for most little kids, shielding their eyes from sunny glare with the brim of a hat will make things much comfier for them on those bright sunshiny days.

Discovery Packs
Discovery Packs

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