Fun, Food and Friends!


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This week, meet Emma Marigold, a Medical Herbalist & Ayurvedic Practitioner from the UK. Emma teaches natural healing and specialises in fertility, under her business ARTÁ healing. She spends her days playing with her son Oska and has keen interests in natural clothing, pottery and plants of course.

Tell us about where you live?

The UK is home, but I feel most at home in the mediterranean. We just got back from spending the winter in Sicily, now just landing back in Sussex, just in time for imbolc and Oska’s first birthday. I used to find February a really hard month as it is so dark and rainy here in the UK. Now we have Oska to celebrate, a time to focus on the birth of spring and the birth of my baby.

How do you like to have fun together?

Oska is most content outside, a real nature baby, so we spend a lot of time playing in the forest or at the beach, wherever we are, his favorite toys are sticks, stones and leaves and has a pastime of eating mud. His name ‘Oska’ means nature lover and gentle friend which suits him very well. I am looking forward to teaching Oska about plant medicine as he grows and how we can forage treasures from nature.

What’s on the dining table?

Recently we have been eating tagine, tuscan bean stew, moussaka and a lot of fresh pasta in Sicily, my favorite Pasta al Limone, mostly cooked by Oska’s wonderful Jewish Safta (Grandmother).

Eating together in my opinion is one of the best things we can do for our health and that starts with eating around the table together. Food is not just about the vitamins and minerals, we consume everything from our environment. According to Ayurveda, we digest our relationships and our atmosphere, so when we eat with loved ones, laugh and love the experience as much as the food we also digest that. We focus on fresh local and in season ingredients. We eat more meat in the winter and more fish and vegetarian in the summer and rotate fruits and vegetables according to the season.

Where can people find you and learn more about Ayurvedic Healing?


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