Put Your Little One To Bed With Peace Of Mind Using Organic Toddler Bedding

Some toddlers sleep a lot, or so we’ve been told! The normal range for a two-year-old is between 11 and 14 hours in a 24-hour period — night sleeps and naps combined. That’s half their life or more spent laying on a mattress, with their darling little sleeping faces nuzzled up next to it. If you’re lucky enough to have a toddler who sleeps soundly in their bed or cot, it’s safe to say they become intimately acquainted with their mattress and bedding. So it’s very important that their bedclothes, cot and mattress live up to your personal quality standards.

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Understanding Organic Toddler Bedding

Organics go far beyond the greengrocers. Anything can be produced organically without the assistance of chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilisers. Leaving these nasties out makes for cleaner, safer products, whatever they may be, and cleaner, safer farms and factories, too. Chemicals used in the production of the fibres and materials that go into a product can make their way into the final product and then into the delicate immune systems of the little one that uses it. That’s why we love organic toddler bedding — it’s an essential component of a safe night’s sleep.

Organic Bedding Keeps Harmful Chemicals Away From Little Ones

When your child lays on their mattress, their skin rubs up against it, and the air they breathe is possibly filtered through it. Conventional sheets and mattresses may leech the chemicals used in their production onto the skin and into the airways of the child sleeping upon them. For most of us, these chemicals have no immediate observable effect, but more sensitive children may experience mild to severe irritation or allergic reactions to the chemicals in their bedding. And whether your little one experiences irritation or allergy or not, it’s safe to say that no parent would choose to expose their children to unnecessary chemicals. To avoid the risk entirely, opt for organic blankets, sheets, quilts and an organic mattress to ensure the safest, cleanest sleeping environment.

The Benefits of Breathability

Organic fibres are also high in breathability. Breathability in a fabric is a wonderful quality, allowing one’s temperature to self-regulate and helping to keep you warm or cool. If a fabric lacks breathability as does, say, polyester, moisture is trapped between your skin and the fabric, leading to sweating, reduced comfort and increased possibility of skin irritations. By choosing organic, breathable fibres for bedding, you are ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep and making your little one slightly more likely to stay asleep the whole night!

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Keeping Kids Comfy

Baby, toddler and child sleep is a strange and ever-changing thing. A newborn happily snoozes under a restaurant table surrounded by all the hustle and bustle, light and noise. Then they may progress to needing absolute silence and pitch blackness. Then, just when you think you’ve got the hang of this sleeping thing, their imagination makes a great leap forward, and suddenly, they’re afraid of the dark!

Meeting Their Sleep Safety Needs

Alongside your little one’s sleep preferences are their sleep safety needs. A newborn needs to be tightly wrapped to avoid scratching themselves or rolling over accidentally. A baby needs a sleep environment totally free of loose bedding, bumpers, soft toys or pillows to keep their airways clear. A toddler might need a bed with a guard to keep them from rolling out. A small child needs every. single. one. of their soft toys or action figures in bed with them to guard against bad dreams.

Whatever combination of sleep wants and needs your little one has on any particular night (and they may vary from night to night, we’re sorry to tell you!), ensuring their bedding is of the highest quality, using natural, sustainable, organic bedding will help your mind rest easy knowing you’re giving them the safest, most comfortable sleep you can.

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