Designing Their Launchpad Into Dreamland With Stylish Toddler Bedding

Furnishing a nursery is an interesting endeavour. It’s the first time you’ll be considering the sense of style, the likes and dislikes, the very sense of self of the new member of your family. While the nursery is a part of your home and, as such, should align with your sense of aesthetics, it is also the space that will become someone else's personal domain. You will curate a room that pleases you, and with all your most loving intentions, what you imagine will please your little one.

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It is a space that will grow and evolve alongside the little one that inhabits it. Your nursery will begin in alignment with the design aesthetics echoed throughout your home as a whole. Then, as time passes, and often much earlier than you anticipated, that space will begin to be edited by your toddler, child, teen and may (we’re sorry to say) stray quite some way from your initial aesthetic vision for the space. It might not be your dream to have a room in your house decorated with ‘essential’ sticks, rocks and other sundry collected from the park. You may not have wished for a pink and sparkly grotto halfway down your hallway. Perhaps you’re more of the Scandi minimalist persuasion while you find you’re now living with a maximalist power prince!

Creating A Successful Design Co-Lab In Your Home

Toddlers develop firmly-held opinions at alarmingly early ages. Long before he acquires words, your one-year-old can clearly tell you that he’s more of a soccer kid than a dino-lover. As you play with your little one, chat with them, observe them, grow with them and learn them, you’ll come to understand their preferences in intimate detail. And this understanding, this insight into their world, can empower you to design a sleeping space that truly reflects and nurtures their unique personality. A child that feels truly safe, comfortable, and at home will find the confidence they need to close their eyes, leave that home, and drift off into dreamland.

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Styling Their Soothing Sanctuary

Little people use their bedrooms for a multitude of things. Yes, they (may!) use it for sleeping, but it is also a place for playing, dressing, reading, daydreaming, and quiet time. A toddler’s imagination can transform their bedroom into a raging river, a scientific space station, a creepy cave or a fantastical fairyland. The cleverest toddler bedrooms are those that actually transform to be thoroughly supportive of the current activity. A room that is bright, spacious, airy at playtime, functional and accessible when it’s time to get ready, and calm, cuddly, and cosy at bedtime.


The simplest way to do this is to consider the space's light conditions. In the daytime, we want to allow as much natural light into a space as possible. Choose window coverings that are totally retractable and endeavour to leave windows otherwise unobstructed. Then, for evenings, create a calming atmosphere with lamps positioned low to the floor with soft, warm light. This kind of lighting mimics the setting sun and tells our brains it is time to begin winding down.


Keeping furniture to a minimum in your little one’s room frees up valuable floor space. You can do this by choosing multi-function furniture, such as a loft bed with play space below, a change table with built-in storage, or a bookcase that divides off a little reading nook. Choosing natural materials in natural or neutral tones will help create a soothing environment and provide a relatively simple backdrop to which your little one can add their own pops of personality.

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Choosing simple pieces made with high-quality, natural materials increases not only the style but also the safety and longevity of a space. Opting for organic fibres in your soft furnishings in simple, timeless designs and colourways ensures your investments don’t quickly become dated or out of fashion. Stylish toddler bedding doesn’t have to be something that will only be in style for baby number one. If you choose the right pieces they can be lovingly handed down to little ones that follow. You can add interest to a space with tastefully chosen artwork, prints or wall hangings that will brighten the room but be up and out of harm’s way.

Creating a soothing, safe sleeping space for your little one is one of the many ways we show them love. We carefully consider what will belong in their room and what will not. We give them the very best we can to ensure they have what they need to feel comforted and cocooned in our warm embrace. A cuddle that they feel both when we are in there with them and then when we’ve taken our leave. Then, the love we’ve worked into the space will hold our little ones tight till the morning light.

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