All The Rest Project

Here at Organic Zoo, sustainability has been at the heart of our story since the day we started creating, as we recognise that making a selling clothing has an environmental impact.

As a brand we are committed to making a conscious effort to actively reduce our waste wherever possible. We’ve started our journey to sustainability with 4 steps that have become the foundation of everything we do.

Always organic.

Timeless designs.

Well made.

Living simply.

To learn more about these steps and why we have chosen to put them at the centre of our philosophy we invite you to read our suitability commitment.  

Statistically on average 92 tonnes of textiles goes to waste annually* which sparked our own discussion on how we can best repurpose our archival fabrics. With this commitment at sight we started All The Rest Project of upcycled kids bed linen. 

 ATR is about refreshing, rehoming and repurposing past season left over materials and turning them into beautifully imaginative and organic kids bedding. Inspired by serene kids spaces that soothe and encourage a good rest our bedding is a play on patterns and block colours. The unique and playful double sided duvet covers and pillow cases allow for change of ambiance and simply offer a fun alternative from night to night!

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*data provided by Fashion Revolution