Organic Zoo x Pim Pam Reusable Swimming Nappies Q&A

What age group are the nappies for?

Our swim nappies come in 4 sizes that fit roughly from 3 months to 2 years. We base our sizing on your baby’s weight instead of age. This is due to how the size of two babies the same age can be quite different. 

How easy is it to clean reusable swimming nappies?

Very easy. If there are any solids, knock these into the toilet and always give the nappy a rinse before washing it in the machine. Wash up to 40°C, use regular soap and avoid using any bleach and fabric softener. We recommend line drying your swim nappies. 

What are they made of?

Our swim nappies have a recycled polyester shell and a bamboo terry lining. They are super soft against your baby’s skin. 

Why should I use a reusable swimming nappies over regular swimming nappies?

Reusable swim nappies are better in many ways: 

More reliable than disposable nappies at containing any mess, much better for the environment, they work out cheaper in the long run and they look much cuter.
Are the nappies suitable for swimming pools as well as sea water?
Yes! Always check with your local swimming pool regulations. Some baby & toddler swim lessons require a double nappy system. Our swim nappies can be used underneath the suggested neoprene nappy. 

How many swimming nappies do I need for a vacation?

We recommend taking at least two away with you on holiday. Always make sure you have a swim nappy at the ready whilst the other is drying in the sunshine ☀️



We can't wait to see your little ones splashing around in OZ x Pim Pam Swimming nappies!