Mummy and Me Q + A

In preparation for Mother's Day this year, we had conversations with a handful of women in our community and asked them to share their stories about motherhood, their own mums, families and all things life and love.

Enjoy this gentle read and happy Mother's Day!

Is there a dream you have for your children as they grow up?

I think, like any parent, all I want for them is to be happy. To know no limits, to dream big and follow the fire in their belly.

We followed your journey with Better Cup, how has motherhood influenced your career/business?

Becoming a mum gave me an ability to manage my time like never before! I can get done in a nap time what used to take me all day! I also have a stronger desire to aim high within my business so that my daughter (and son’s!) can see first hand women are capable of. 

What do you love about your mother?

There are so many things I love about my Mother. She’s the most kind-hearted, hard-working and selfless person I have ever known; the kind of person who is always thinking of others. She knows what to say in challenging times and has a way of making me feel better about anything. I’ve followed in her fostering footsteps because I’ve seen the impact that her love, kindness and generosity has had in the lives of many children and young adults. She is my daily inspiration in my own journey of foster Motherhood.

What do you find the most special part of being a foster parent?

When you foster a child like your own, it absolutely breaks your heart to see the impact of the trauma in their lives, and their personal trails become yours too. But, the thing I love about being a foster carer is that you are in a unique position to help change the trajectory. One thing I’ve really learnt is that seemingly little things can make such a huge impact. Things like leaving an encouraging note on a child’s bed, framing photos of them around the home, writing down all the things you love about them, drawing smiley faces in their lunchbox for them to find when they’re at school, making special breakfasts for them and showing up to watch them in performances. All these things add up and slowly you start to see them trusting again. The world becomes a not-so-scary place for them when they know they are loved, cherished and celebrated despite how they feel about themselves.

They will have a long road of healing ahead of them, but for many children, you will be the first one to let them know that they’re not alone in their struggles. Despite the challenges that fostering brings, there is nothing more rewarding than being in a position to love and empower children who have experienced trauma they never deserved. Seeing the difference that this makes in their lives makes it all worth it.

Is there a dream you have for your children as they grow up?

As a parent, there is many hopes along the way…I hope that my children continue to be the best of friends and guide each other through life.

I hope that they will all embrace nature in all its beautiful glory…but my dream…

My dream is for my children is that they are genuinely happy in what ever they do. My Auntie has a motto which is “You do you”. As a family I think that stays with all of us. What ever it is, be you, and be proud of you, because YOU is beautiful. I hope they love themselves confidently and as a world, we continue to educate ourselves to embrace all differences and everyone’s beauty.

How are you finding being a mummy to a little girl after two boys?

The most wonderful thing about having a baby girl after the boys, is watching how the boys have been with her. They are already sooo lovable and warm with her, the protection of their baby sister warms our hearts. It has been lovely seeing them show her things for the first time. My house is noisy, busy, active and yet she seems to have just fitted in perfectly.

Having three children is definitely a transition, and it’s just about finding the balance and managing the time to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

I have always adored styling the boys and now it’s so fun watching their own style develop, but there is no denying that it has been really enjoyable to find cute baby items again. I’m also thoroughly enjoying all the newborn snuggles!   

What is your favourite thing about being a Mum?

To be able to see a human grow is simply quite amazing. They change and learn new skills everyday so I’m carrying my camera everywhere and trying to capture the moment as much as possible!

We love how you dress and dress your children. How would you describe your style?

My style is simple and neutral. The clothes on my rail are mostly either cotton or linen and plain black, white or neutral colours. I like creating capsule wardrobe so I don't own many clothes. Quality over quantity, that's my style I guess.


What did you love most about your mother?  

My Mum was so many things that I admire but the things that I loved the most about her ~ to name a few ~ would have to have been her gentle nature, her calming voice and the way she would always put everyone else before herself - she was genuinely selfless in every way. She had the ability to calm any storm I was facing and with her presence, came an overwhelming sense of peace. I felt truly safe with her.

One of my favourite things about her was her childlike spirit, in the sense that she would find joy in the little things, fearless and optimistic with an enthusiasm that was infectious - just like her laugh. Carefree, seeking joy at every opportunity. She lived in the moment and made the most of every minute.
Although she was gentle, she had a fire inside of her that translated into everything she did, especially when she was faced with injustice to those she cared about - she was fiercely loyal and protective; my biggest supporter and encourager.
She would never speak badly of anybody, even those who had hurt her - I admired this quality growing up, never really understanding how she made it look so easy! She would challenge me to make sure I saw the bigger picture; always looking for the good in people even when it was hard to see. I was never under the illusion however, that she thought she was doing everything right, she was humble and had no difficulty admitting her flaws and weaknesses.
Having a parent who acknowledged their imperfections and wasn’t afraid to ‘mess up’ was, in hindsight, one of the most beautiful things to witness as it’s set a really healthy expectation of myself as a Mother now to Ezra, and how I navigate parenthood. Accepting that I am never going to be perfect, just because I am a 'Mother' doesn't make me any less of a human - like anybody else, I am going to get things wrong!

I feel very privileged to have been able to call her my Mum for the 21 years I had with her on this earth and I’m sure that my three sisters and all the people who she loved and impacted in her time will echo my thoughts. She was truly inspiring.

I know now, never to take for granted the little things…I’d give anything for one more of her delicious Shepard’s Pies! One day, I’ll make one as good as hers.


What do you love about your mum?

Growing up I always admired my mums beauty, not just outwardly but her very soul. She’s got such a big heart for her friends and family and always makes sure they’re taken care of and feel cherished by her. My mums so great with my son too, I LOVE seeing the two of them together, they have there own little jokes and he totally totally adores his Gigi (grandma). She really is a fantastic woman, strong, loving, hilarious. Everyone that knows her adores her.

What are some joys and challenges you face, day to day?

My son is such a wonderful little boy, he bring’s me so much joy and laughter. Unfortunately he has a rough ride with life though, as he is Type 1 Diabetic. That mean’s 24/7 care with blood tests pretty much every hour and constantly correcting his blood sugars so he doesn’t go into a coma or worse. His resilience is amazing and he’s is so incredibly courageous with all in entails. A true inspiration. I’m so proud to be his mum.