Snap happy

Never in the history of the world have so many children been photographed by so many mamas, and with such stunning results. But anyone who’s ever tried to get a spontaneous snap of their tinies looking cute will know that a beautiful Instagram feed doesn’t come easy.
Photographing kids can be dispiritingly hard work. Don’t fret, though, because a can - do attitude can help you have a good time exploring those creative impulses. And in that spirit, we asked one of our favourite ‘Grammers, Sofie Hammer, to share with us her top five tips for photographing children.

Here’s what she told us:
1. Always have some treats they can snack on between shots, or even a cute apple to chew on.
2. Have your funny face on and make loud sounds to distract them.
3. Prepare everything in advance if you want a special vibe or picture - perfect scene in your photos.
4. Be quick to embrace the idea that anything can happen on a photo - shoot with children.
5. Think about what they’re wearing. Personally, I love to dress the kids in brown, green and yellow colours and beautiful knits.