Two of a kind

Coral Atkinson’s Instagram feed has the same ambience as a treasured memory: dreamy yet rich with detail, rendered in soft shades and peachy light. The halcyon vibe makes perfect sense when you remember Coral’s day job: crafting delicate garlands and future heirlooms as the founder of Brit brand Velveteen Babies.


To mark Mother’s Day, we asked Coral to capture her bond with youngest child Willa while trying out some of our mini-me superpower sweaters. We also asked her what she likes about Organic Zoo and she offered these very kind words...
“I love that Organic Zoo is such an thoughtful brand. The clothes feel absolutely dreamy and so soft, and I love that they are organic, free from toxic chemicals and ethically made.
I'm always really considered when purchasing clothing for my children, and always want it to be the best quality. I buy less but buy better, and would always rather have a few quality pieces that they love and wear regularly than a pile of cheaply produced, disposable 'fast fashion'.
Organic Zoo is fantastic for beautiful colours, the softest cotton fabric that feels divine and comfortable and will be long-lasting. The colours of rust, spice and clay are so current right now too, and all blend together perfectly for both girls and boys.”