Fun, Food and Friends!


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In celebration of Fun, Food, Friends! collection we asked some of our favourite creators to open their homes and share their magic ingredients for a carefree and fun filled time.

This week we are joined by Fuko who lives in Japan with her three children. Currently on maternity leave, she spends her days with her children at a dizzying pace. Fuko has a keen interest in children’s clothing, interiors and sustainability.  

Tell us a little bit about your family?

We are a family of five living in a small town surrounded by the Japanese countryside. The view from our window is green and we enjoy the changing seasons. On sunny days, I enjoy walking along country roads with my children and picking up leaves, flowers, nuts, and other seasonal treasures. In the coming season, playing with water as much as possible in the garden is also a regular activity.

How do you like to have fun together?

For me, fun means that everyone in the family is in a good mood. Wearing what you like, doing what you like, eating what you like, and watching your favorite movies. Of course it is fun to play together, but I also like to spend time in the same space, each enjoying different things.

What does mealtime look like for your family?

We like to eat our meals all together. While preparing meals, I want to respect the children's desire to challenge themselves, so even if it is a little difficult, I try not to touch them and leave it to them. Even if it takes a long time or they make mistakes, I want them to have fun cooking and preparing the food.

Among cooking, I like baking sweets, so I make them with my children on my days off. With three children, it is difficult to make elaborate dishes, but the time we spend together is irreplaceable and one of my joys.

Do you like to host friends? What are your hosting tips?

When entertaining friends, I adjust the colour of the cloths and flowers, and the placement of cushions to make them go well together. I try to create an interior that not only entertains guests, but also makes them feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay. For this reason, I often use clean, calm earth colours for both the interior and table decorations. Many of my friends have children, so when they play with their friends, it is often at home. I like to set up a kids' space in the living/dining room and enjoy conversation and meals while watching them play. At that time, I prepare a simple buffet and allow each person to eat and drink freely.