A baby blanket, receiving blanket, or swaddle is one of those universally useful items that works its way into every aspect of growing up. Along with their baby bodysuit, it is one of the very first things a newborn interacts with, feeling its comforting squeeze holding them tight as they are first swaddled. It can be the extra layer on top of their toddler clothes. It shields them from the cold, sun and wind, collects their hiccups, dribbles and tears, comforts and caresses them, and makes any crib, car seat, or crèche feel like home. It can take the place of a baby bib, a sleeping bag, a changing mat, even an umbrella!

Suffice it to say, your little one will use their blankets a lot. So they are certainly worth investing in. A good quality, organic cotton or muslin blanket will wash beautifully and be there for your little one whenever they need it. And that’s why we’ve specifically chosen truly timeless designs for all our blankets, with classic prints that’ll stand the test of being passed down between siblings. We want you to keep your blanket for good, for it to serve you well and become a treasured piece of your parenting journey.

A blanket is a simple thing, there is very little to it. So to set one blanket apart from others, the tiniest details must be considered. We use premium organic fibres in all of our natural, sustainably sourced, GMO-free, and fair trade blankets. These organic fabrics are dyed with Oeko Tex 100 certified dyes and stitched with care to ensure every seam is flawlessly flat and smooth. We carefully consider our prints creating unisex and timeless designs and making organic baby blankets and wraps with perfect dimensions to ensure maximum usability. In short, if you are looking for a premium quality organic baby blanket for your baby or for a gift, let us take your hand.

When a newborn arrives in the world they have so many adjustments to make - to the noise, to the light, to the breeze - so we, as their parents, their carers, their people, do everything we can to ease those adjustments and bring them about gradually and with kindness and care.

This is why we swaddle our babies. Part of comforting our babies is recreating the conditions they enjoyed before entering this big & bright world. Folding their arms upon one another and tucking a swaddle tightly around their body slows their heart rate, calms their fears and brings about a sense of familiar contentment.

When swaddled, the cloth is wrapped tightly and in very close contact with your baby's most sensitive and delicate skin, so their receiving blanket or swaddle must be the softest, cuddliest material to ensure they’re truly comfy. Just like our organic newborn baby clothes, the blankets in our collection above are 100% baby-approved, smooth, soft, buttery organic jersey cotton and bamboo and will make the most comforting swaddles for your precious bundle.

Imagine yourself in your first-ever cubby house. The tiny, momentary creation is made by a blanket lightly falling over you as it is dropped from above. You live there for a moment, a second, a lifetime, before it is lifted back into the air, only to be created once more. A tiny glimpse in between of mum or dad’s smiling face, reflecting the glee of your own.

The months' pass and your cubby houses become more sophisticated. The same baby blanket, this time propped up by skyward-held feet, your own private zooniverse filled with warmth and sunshine and love, shared with those who make you feel totally, utterly safe.

That love, happiness and profound sense of security embed itself into the very fibres of your blanket, ready to be carried with you into the big wide world, there to keep you safe wherever your adventure takes you.

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