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Let us take a bit of the decision-making off your hands. There are so many choices that parents have to make. You don’t have time to ponder whether the midnight print is cuter than the olive garden. You’re in safe hands here in our little zooniverse. No matter which one you end up with, you and your little one will be happy. In our last chance baby clothes collection, we’ve whittled down your options a little (along with the prices, which is nice!) to make it that much easier to choose. Simply filter for the age of your little one and what’s there is there. It’ll be lovely, cosy, comfy and of the highest organic quality, so you can just pop it in your bag, and your job’s done!

We’re not a massive conglomerate. We don’t have huge warehouses or offer huge discount clearance sales throughout the year. Our space is limited, and we prefer to offer everyone in our zooniverse the chance to shop at the best prices with as little waste for our brand. What we do have are designers and creators who can’t resist producing new designs in beautiful new colourways and patterns, and we need to have space for all that creativity.

By shopping our baby clothes sale, you’re helping us to make sure each and every comfy gets to a good home so nothing goes to waste, and you’re helping us find the space for the next batch of lovely little things we’ve created too. We really do want to thank you for your help with this, so as well as telling you right here “THANK YOU!!!” you'll benefit from the best prices at Organic Zoo when shopping our sale.

Shopping a sale makes your dollar stretch. You can craftily seem to have spent just a little more than you actually did! No one needs to know! Our baby clothes sale has a neat and tidy little selection of children’s, toddler’s and newborn clothing, that all make beautiful gifts, and at a sale price perhaps you can pop a little something extra in the wrapping paper.

When you give gifts you say something about yourself, as well as about the person it’s for. Giving a gift from Organic Zoo will show that new little person in your life that you care and that they’re cosy, comfy and cared for, and it’ll show their parents that you’re stylish, environmentally conscious and you know where to get the very best baby gear too!

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