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When shopping for presents for babies and kids, it’s important to think more broadly than simply answering, ‘What would that little tyke want?’. We like our gifts to uphold four key values: quality, sustainability, practicality and style. So here in the zooniverse, we’re swimming in little gifts that keep these four things in mind.

All our gifts are of the highest quality. They are made of the finest organic materials with quality craftsmanship, which means they will last the test of time. We strongly believe babies’ and kids’ clothing and toys should be outgrown, not worn out. Nothing makes us happier than seeing something from our collections being re-gifted. As these eco baby gifts are intended for people who have a long time ahead of them to spend on our planet, it is our duty to make sure we don’t harm the world they’re going to be looking after. That’s why we use organic fibres and steer well clear of harmful chemicals in our processing. Our gifts are a gift for the baby and the earth.

But no matter how sustainable an item is, it’s no good for the planet if it doesn’t get used! That’s why a baby gift ought to be practical. Something that a baby or child truly needs and will use from day to day. You won’t find sparkly tiaras, newborn shoes, or tricky gadgets here, just useful, practical, everyday things. < And lastly, a baby present is really a present for a family. It will go into a home where others are living. It will be seen, washed and used by others. So it’s kind of you, as the gift giver, to avoid garish colours, loud prints, and toys that play irritating music! Choosing something with a certain level of style means that it will match or elevate a family’s aesthetic, adding to their life as a whole.

“When my baby arrived, we were overwhelmed with thoughtful newborn baby gifts. We got lots of onesies, books and toys, which were all great and we were very thankful for. We also got a deck of mindfulness activity cards for kids, which will come in handy in five or so years! It's an odd one, but hey, buying gifts isn’t easy. We loved all the practical gifts that we got: bottle sets (which we thought we’d need, but bubs decided it was breastmilk or nothing!!), sleeping bag swaddle things, which turned out to be absolute lifesavers, and tiny little jumpsuits that our little one outgrew in the first two weeks! I hate to be a real stereotypical parent here, but I have to say my favourite gift is the little teddy bear wearing a football jersey! Never too soon to start teaching them where their loyalties lie!” - Alex, creative assistant at Organic Zoo.

“When all of your friends and family are bringing gifts to welcome your new bub into the world, of course, there are going to be double-ups on things. Some of these double-ups were great for me and my wife. We were so glad we received a bunch of bonnets, beanies and baby socks because our winter baby kept tossing them away while we were out.
One thing I would say when bringing a gift for a baby is to keep in mind that they’re not tiny for that long. I know the size 0000 stuff is unbearably cute, but they only fit for a few weeks. Do a bit of future-proofing, I’d say. Maybe give something for now, and something they’ll grow into. And whatever you do, do not give anything that makes noise! No drums, trumpets, singing dolls - the baby can make enough noise without your help! - One of the adults at Organic Zoo.

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