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Gift-giving is not everyone’s love language. Some of us relish the opportunity to express our feelings through a gift, while others may find the process surprisingly stressful. For those feeling challenged, a pop over to our newborn baby gift guide might help. Knowing exactly what to buy can be a real challenge, but things might not be as tricky as you think here in the newborn realm.

The wonderful thing about newborns is they have very few individual preferences and needs. Every tiny bundle of joy needs soft, clean clothes and warm, loving cuddles, and there really isn’t much more to it. So when it comes to giving a gift to a newborn, what you choose is a little more about you and less about the recipient than for other types of gifts.

Choosing an organic baby gift from our zooniverse shows that you are an environmentally conscious gift giver who cares deeply about the state of the world the newborn in your life is set to inherit. We care deeply about quality, and simplicity is at the heart of every style decision we make. If you like what you’ve seen here, then we’re going to get along just fine. Down to the question at hand: What should I choose for a newborn baby girl or boy? The key here really isn’t ‘boy or girl’, it is ‘newborn’.

You are buying something for a newborn baby who wants soft, organic fibres to keep them warm, they want soothing colours and bold, simple prints and designs for them to begin focusing their eyes on, and their parents want high-quality products that will last no matter how many times they go through the washing machine. If you scrolled through the collection above and selected with your eyes closed, we’re just about 100% certain you will have chosen a wonderful gift for the newborn baby you’re about to meet, and for their family, too.

When thinking about baby gifts, you can take one of two routes: something decorative or something practical. Both can be beautiful, sustainable items that will be relished, and both make wonderful presents.

Down the decorative road, we find things like prints, hooks and even toys that are used to brighten a baby’s space and begin creating a sense of ‘home’ and belonging for the new little one. We like to keep things relatively neutral, colour-wise, to engender a soothing sense of calm and tranquillity, which daily life with a little baby might be sorely lacking otherwise!

On the practical side of the fence are items that need regular changing: bedding, clothing, cloths and muslins. These are items that you can never have enough of. A couple of extra bodysuits and onesies could mean the washing machine can actually have a moment of rest between cycles instead of constantly running!! Baby socks, another weird little thing that seem to disappear after the second wear. Add a pair or two to your gift as a nice little extra that will be appreciated by mum and dad, and invariably pulled off and thrown out of the pram by the little one you give them to!

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Discovery Packs

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