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There’s no denying that for most of their precious newborn days, your teeny tiny baby will be snuggled up in a onesie or bodysuit. Still, as a first birthday approaches, we know our customers love to celebrate with a special occasion dress. Your little bundle of joy brings joy to everyone who meets them, so meeting people becomes a special occasion all of its own. And when those special brunches or afternoon teas come around, you’ll be glad to have a soft, sweet newborn dress to mark the occasion.

For the most part, newborn clothing is soft, stretchy and comfy. Our newborn clothing is soft, stretchy, comfy and organic. Clothing your newborn in organic fibres is the best choice for their health as it guards their tiny, developing systems against the influence of harmful chemicals which could be present in conventional fabrics. One way to ensure party dresses are safe for your newborn is to layer them with a cute, matching onesie, and thanks to our very thoughtfully coloured and gently patterned layering pieces finding a match for your dress will be easy peasy!

At Organic Zoo, our mission is to make kids, babies and toddlers clothes that can keep all little bodies comfy in all kinds of weather. In winter, that means layering, and so we knew our clothes had to all work together. We made sure you can mix this dress with those tights, then the same tights with bloomers and sweatshirts, the same sweatshirts that match easily with our shorts and on and on it goes. We’ve made dresses in the cosiest pure cord cotton to snuggle up in when the temperature drops, with some tights or a body suit underneath, then one of our beautiful knits over the top, and maybe add a little bonnet, toasty warm! The same styles also come in the coolest, breeziest organic cotton muslin and pair with bare feet, sunscreen and a picnic blanket!

We love our dresses for the ease of popping them on and off. With messy little ones, it’s something that has to happen many times a day, so every parent knows that it has to be easy! But for parents of kids dealing with hip dysplasia, it’s even more important. Our dresses are loose-fitting and very generously cut, so they’ll float effortlessly over clunky hip braces. Kids with sensory issues who struggle with clingy clothing could also find solace in our light-as-air dresses. We’re doing what we can to help everyone find something they love to wear.

Discovery Packs
Discovery Packs

Thoughtfully curated for those who wish to use our expertise in creating beautiful yet practical outfits for our precious small people.

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