Making Organic Zoo

We wanted to share with you the story of the people who make our clothes because we know you care as much as we do.

All our organic cotton pieces are designed in Brighton, England and manufactured in Ukraine. We took time to find the right place, a factory that could make our clothing the way we wanted, with care and kindness. Somewhere that focuses on people, not machines.

We’re really proud of the way our clothes are produced. The main factory is based in the city of Lviv, west Ukraine and employs around 250 people, mainly women, who are highly skilled. Many of the workers have been with the factory for years; there are sisters, a mother and daughter, and a husband and wife working there. Their skill and care for the garments they make are woven into every piece of Organic Zoo.

Like so many, we watched with horror as war arrived in Ukraine; we felt fear and sadness for all Ukrainians and worry for the people in our factory. Were they and their families safe?

In the early days, all production stopped as people stayed home or fled to villages or across the border. But soon, the people returned, and the machines started running again, cutting and stitching fabric, a thread of resilience, determination and hope running through everything.

Seamstress in Organic Zoo factory Ukraine
Organic Zoo Labels
Seamstress in Organic Zoo factory

There’s a new kind of normal at the factory now; four familiar faces have been called up to the army, and alarms sound for one, two, sometimes three hours, warning of possible attacks. Despite the challenges, the factory stays open, an important source of income for the families and perhaps, at times, a welcome distraction. Businesses, schools, libraries, entertainment, and exhibitions go on. As someone at the factory said to us, “We try to run our normal life, only with the new condition of staying safe. Everyone needs a pill of happiness and positivity.”

Organic Zoo is glad that, in a small way, with our loyal community of customers, we can support the people of Ukraine. more about the Organic Zoo brand story.