Baby clothing general size chart

Age Height
NB Up to 62cm
0-3 months Up to 68cm
3-6 months Up to 74cm
6-12 months Up to 80cm
1-2 years Up to 92cm
2-3 years Up to 98cm
3-4 years Up to 104cm



Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
NB 34cm 19.5cm 26cm
0-3 months 36cm 21cm 27cm
3-6 months 38.5cm 22.5cm 29cm
6-12 months 42.5cm 26cm 31cm



Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
0-3 months 51.5cm 22.5cm 27cm
3-6 months 54.5cm 23.5cm 29cm
6-12 months 63cm 26cm 32cm
12-18 months 64.5cm 27cm 33cm


Footed Sleepsuit

Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
0-3 months 39cm 19cm 25cm
3-6 months 44cm 22cm 28cm
6-12 months 57cm 26.5cm 32cm



Age Length Width
0-3 months 42cm 23.5cm
3-6 months 46cm 24.5cm
6-12 months 53cm 27.5cm


Kids Sweatshirts

Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
3-6 months 28.5cm 29cm 26cm
6-12 months 31cm 31cm 28.5cm
1-2yrs 35cm 33.5cm 32.5cm
2-3yrs 37.5cm 36cm 35.5cm
3-4yrs 41cm 38cm 39.5cm


Kids Sweatpants

Age Length Waist
3-6 months 36cm 19cm
6-12 months 37.5cm 19.5cm
1-2yrs 42cm 20cm
2-3yrs 46.5cm 22cm
3-4yrs 50.5cm 23cm


Kids Dungarees

Age Length Width
1-2yrs 70cm 34cm
2-3yrs 73cm 34cm
3-4yrs 76cm 34cm


Countryside/Sand Dunes Wide Leg Trousers

Age Length Waist
1-2yrs 39cm 22cm
2-3yrs 43cm 23cm
3-4yrs 47cm 23cm


Countryside/Sand Dunes Sweatshirt

Age Length Width Sleeve (from bel neck to cuff)
1-2yrs 32cm 35.5cm 21.5cm
2-3yrs 34cm 38cm 34.2cm
3-4yrs 36.5cm 40cm 37.2cm


Braces Joggers

Age Length (measured from waist to cuff) Waist
3-6 months 35.5cm 19.5cm
6-12 months 37cm 20cm
1-2 yrs 41.5cm 22cm


Kids Double Layer Suit with Hood

Age Length Width
3-6 months 59cm 36.5cm
6-12 months 62cm 38cm
1-2yrs 67cm 39.5cm


Kids Jersey

Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
0-3 months 28cm 25cm 27cm
3-6 months 29.5cm 26cm 30cm
6-12 months 32cm 30cm 33cm
1-2yrs 37cm 30cm 36cm
2-3yrs 40cm 32cm 40.5cm


Wrap Over Bodysuit

Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
0-3 months 37.5cm 19cm 26cm
3-6 months 39cm 20cm 27cm
6-12 months 40cm 21cm 29cm



Age Length Width
0-3 months 34cm 20.5cm
3-6 months 35cm 22.5cm
6-12 months 39cm 24.5cm
1-2yrs 43cm 24.5cm


Sleeveless Bodysuit

Age Length Width
0-3 months 37cm 19cm
3-6 months 39cm 20cm
6-12 months 42cm 21cm



Age Length Width
0-6 months 27cm 24cm
6-12 months 32cm 27cm
1-2yrs 37cm 29cm
2-3yrs 43cm 32cm



Age Length Waist
0-6 months 33cm 17cm
6-12 months 39cm 19cm
1-2yrs 45cm 21cm
2-3yrs 51cm 23cm
3-4yrs 57cm 23.5cm


Teddy Keep Warm Vest

Age Length Waist
1-2yrs 31.5cm 33.5cm
2-3yrs 34cm 36cm
3-4yrs 37.5cm 38cm



Age Length Waist
0-3 months 16cm 17cm
3-6 months 17cm 18cm
6-12 months 17cm 19cm


Sun Hat

Age 1/2 width relaxed 1/2 width stretched Height (without the brim)
0-12 months 22cm 24cm 13.5cm
1-2yrs 23cm 25cm 14.5cm
2-3yrs 24cm 26cm 15.5cm



Age Height (measured at back) Width (measured at top)
NB 17.5cm 14.5cm
0-3 months 18.5cm 15.5cm
3-6 months 19cm 17cm
6-12 months 20cm 19cm
1-2yrs 21.2cm 20.5cm



Age Length Waist
0-6 months 18cm 18.5cm (23.5 stretched)
6-12 months 19cm

19.5cm (25.5 stretched)

1-2yrs 20cm

 20.5cm (27.5 stretched)

2-3yrs 22cm 22cm (29.5 stretched)
3-4yrs 24cm 24cm (31.5 stretched)


Oversize T-Shirt

Age Length Width
0-6 months 26cm 29cm
6-12 months 28cm 31cm
1-2yrs 31cm 33.5cm
2-3yrs 33cm 36cm
3-4yrs 35.5cm 38cm


Cropped Dungarees

 Age Length Width
1-2yrs 55.5cm 32.5cm
2-3yrs 58.5cm 32.5cm
3-4yrs 61.5cm 32.5cm


Summer/Beach Romper

Age Length Width
0-6 months 37cm 29cm
6-12 months 38cm 31cm
1-2yrs 39cm 33.5cm
2-3yrs 42cm 36cm 



Size EU Size US Size UK Size Footlength Material outsole
0-6 months 15/6 0.5-1 0-0.5 9.8cm / 3.9 inch Roughened suede
6-12 months 17/18 2-3 1-2 11.0cm / 4.3 inch Roughened suede
12-18 months 19/20 4-5 3-4 12.2cm / 4.8 inch Flexible rubber
18-24 months 20/21 5-6 4-5 12.8cm / 5.0 inch Flexible rubber