Meet The Maker

Meet wood carver Dickon Morris.

Nature Boy’s childhood in the Yorkshire Dales shaped his love for nature, which is now realised in the beautiful forms he carves from wood.

For him, the act of making is a respite from the demands of life and a link with his own childhood

His Organic Zoo wooden spoon features a playful fish tail, a familiar shape and an easy one for small hands to hold. With a smaller, shallower bowl for tiny mouths, the spoons are fun and functional.

These spoons are made to be cherished family keepsakes, developing a beautiful patina over time. Each spoon tells a story, passed from one child to another, creating simple yet enduring family traditions from the little everyday rituals that make up a life well lived.

“I love a freshly carved spoon, but there is something
incredibly satisfying about a spoon that has been well used and loved for many years and has developed a beautiful patina. I hope that these spoons also
develop the beautiful patina from not only being used by one child but being
passed through siblings too.”


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