Meet The Maker

Meet crocheter Ella Thompson.

Crocheter Ella weaves inspiration from her childhood into her designs, inspired by happy memories of endlessly making. The sense of peace and delight she found when she was young now informs her playful pieces with their bold colours and graphic shapes. 

Ella creates her handmade scarves in the seaside town of Brighton, which is also the home of Organic Zoo. Her designs are deliberately simple and versatile, made to be a fun addition to any Organic Zoo outfit. Soft and warm, they become comforting companions, adaptable to each child's unique style - whether worn around the neck, tied in the hair, around the wrist, used in imaginative play or for comfort. The beauty lies in their simplicity, allowing children to express themselves in any way that feels right.

“How one person might wear something could be completely
different to the next! This same rule is true for children. It’s crucial that
children are allowed to express themselves, especially at a young age. I want
my scarves to be worn in whatever way feels right to the individual
child. That’s the beauty of the simplicity of the scarfs; they are
versatile and will go with most things.”

- Ella

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