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Let’s hold hands and travel to the mystical land of babyhood. It’s right at the beginning of our journey, before we get to toddler land, somewhere along the way to the world of children. Here, tiny toes wiggle and joyful giggles drift on the warm afternoon breeze. In these carefree lands, there are magical wardrobes that are unlike any other. Cupboards and drawers filled with comfy, cosy clothes that anyone can snuggle up in. Genderless clothes that make anyone who pulls them on feel fantastic. These clothes come from the “realm of unisex baby wear”, where beautiful colours dance freely without a care for convention or tradition, and patterns tell tales of whimsy and wonder.

In these worlds, thoughtful, environmentally conscious parents choose to tread their own paths, and find solace in threads for their little ones that embrace individuality, support self-discovery and expression, and champion sustainability. Sounds like a lovely place to be, doesn’t it?

For those adventurous souls who’d like to explore the possibilities of infant wear, the concept of unisex dressing awaits. Some choose to dive in head first, embracing an exclusively neutral aesthetic, while others dabble here and there, adding beautiful non-gendered pieces and nestling them in amongst the rest of the wardrobe, adding flexibility, creativity and potential.

Within these wondrous wardrobes, we find palettes where every hue sings in harmony - baby blues mingle effortlessly with dusky pinks, earthy greens dance with sunny yellows, and greys, browns and beiges are brought to glorious, joyful life. Unisex baby wear transcends the limitations of traditional gender norms, inviting little ones to explore the world without boundaries. From organic cotton rompers to cuddly quilt onesies, these garments not only cradle our precious bundles in comfort but also tread lightly upon the Earth.

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Make an Eco-Conscious Choice with Unisex Children’s Clothes

In a world that's thankfully becoming ever more conscious of its environmental footprint, unisex baby wear is emerging as a beacon of sustainability. Made from eco-friendly materials and crafted with care, these garments offer a guilt-free alternative for parents who seek to lessen their impact on the planet. With each stitch, they weave a story of conscious consumption and mindful living, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

How so? What makes a unisex tee more sustainable than a sparkly, spangly, shiny one? The answer can be summed up with three words. Wearability, minimalism and shareability. Let’s dig in…


Unisex clothes are generally made with simple patterns and designs from natural fibres designed to wash and wear, and to hold up to the rigours of an active, adventurous life. Clothes that suit all body types are generally boxier, sturdier and steer clear of fussy shapes, fastenings and styles that could be damaged by being thrown in the wash. In short, if you opt for unisex clothes they’ll be more likely outgrown than thrown out.


Keeping things gender-neutral generally means keeping things minimal. That means fewer sequins, ruffles, ribbons, frills, and faff, and less paint, dyes, and chemicals. In conventional baby wear, that monster truck on his chest is likely printed with synthetic inks, while the sequins around the hem of her dress are pure plastic. Neither adds to the functionality of the garment, but both add to the environmental cost.


This is a big one. When you choose unisex clothes, anyone can throw them on. Big sister can hand her trousers down to her little brother. Cousins can share clothes freely, and the lost property cupboard at kindergarten will be full of clothes that will help out no matter who gets mucky. Clothes that suit everyone mean no one is excluded, and so they are much less likely to go to waste.

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Use Gender-Neutral Clothes to Support Self-Discovery

The magic of organic unisex baby clothes goes beyond its eco-friendly credentials; it's about nurturing confidence and self-expression in our littlest adventurers. In a society that often imposes rigid gender roles, these garments become a sanctuary where children can express themselves freely, away from the pressures of the gender binary. He’ll have no qualms about perfecting his pirouette, she’ll gladly get down and dirty digging in the dirt, and they’ll make the most of every moment, without being held back or subtly dictated to by their clothes.

As designers and makers of clothes, it may be surprising to learn that we actually want the focus to be away from clothes. We want to make clothes that play a mere supporting role in the lives of your little ones. We almost want our clothes to fade into the background, letting your child be the star of the show. We make practical, comfy and hard-wearing clothes, so that kids are encouraged to focus on other parts of life. They can spend time working on their skills, growing relationships, and experiencing the world around them rather than worrying that their sweater is going to get dirty!

Picture a toddler twirling in a fuss-free onesie, their laughter echoing through the room as they revel in the joy of being themselves. Unisex baby wear empowers our little ones to embrace their unique identities and celebrate the beauty of diversity. And when unisex clothes bring their air of inclusivity to little wardrobes, the possibilities expand, and we see the most heartening scenes—a little boy rocking a floral-print shirt, his big sister wrestling in a pair of dinosaur overalls. These garments remind us that there are no limits to self-expression.

Support Inclusivity with Genderless Dressing

But perhaps the true beauty of unisex baby clothes lies in the connections they foster and the conversations they spark. As parents dress their babies in hues that defy convention, they send a powerful message to the world: that love knows no bounds, and acceptance begins with embracing our differences. In a world that's often divided, these garments unite us in a shared vision of inclusivity and understanding.

So, let’s celebrate the benefits and beauty of unisex baby wear, where sustainability meets self-expression in a symphony of colours and creativity. Let’s adorn our little ones in garments that not only wrap them in comfort but also in love and acceptance. For in the magical world of unisex baby clothes, every stitch is a reminder that the greatest adventure of all is the journey of growing up, one twirl, giggle, wrestle and cuddle at a time.

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