Organic fibres, carefully selected, form the foundation of all of our creations. For something as universal and every day as a bib or muslin wrap, we would think of using nothing less than organic, natural fibres. By avoiding pesticides and harmful chemicals, we ensure that our bibs and muslin wraps are gentle on delicate skin, guarding against potential irritations. They offer breathability, keeping your baby comfortable and preventing overheating, sweating or rashes. The soft touch of these natural materials creates a serene sanctuary for bubs. Organic baby bibs and muslin wraps are both worn close to baby’s skin, near (and quite often in!) their mouths, so in these baby essentials, you really want to keep toxins to an absolute minimum.

All across the zooniverse, wherever there are little people, messes are embraced as part of the journey. We know they’re coming, so we make sure we’re prepared. Our sustainable baby bibs and muslin wraps are more than just accessories. They are essential items in your baby-rearing arsenal, the tools of the trade. But far from being plain, boring staples, our beautiful designs and organic fabrics harmonise effortlessly with your baby's wardrobe while championing a cleaner, greener world. Join us on this crazy adventure, where style meets sustainability, keeping things organic, better for bubs and better for their beautiful planet.

Perhaps a shorter list would be titled ‘What you can’t do with a muslin square’! They are endlessly versatile and utterly essential. Muslins soften the rough world for our precious babies. The simplest changing mat to lay on the grass, the sand, the car boot! They smooth the bumps and make a safe little surface for you to get down to business. They are there at nap times, the softest, lightest wrap for a warm day. They are there at feeding time, thrown over the shoulder to catch those ‘burps that are not just burps’. They make a neat shade sale over a sun-soaked stroller or shield little legs from the nip of a chilly breeze.

Beyond the baby years, they become a dolly blanket or a bundle for carrying all those tiny treasures that just had to come home from the beach. Perfect for patching that little gap in the cubby house or hiding your most precious toys from baby brothers or sisters. They’ll be wrapped and rolled into a makeshift skirt after your third pair of trousers went just a little too deep into the pond, tied around your shoulders to give you some much-needed super-hero strength, or stuffed under your sweater for a very convincing ‘baby bump’.

Then, the life of a conventional muslin becomes a little less joyful as it is tucked away with too-small baby bonnets and a forgotten lovey and their first pair of booties in a box under the bed by a wistful mummy wondering when her babies got so big. But not so with our ever-so-stylish organic zoo muslins! With our endlessly washable fabrics and timeless colours and designs, it’s Mum’s turn to enjoy a bit of o~z style with a triangle scarf that effortlessly matches her classic, paired-back wardrobe!

When to use a muslin square? Anywhere, all the time, for everything, forever.

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