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One of our core beliefs at Organic Zoo is that children should be allowed to be children. They should be given the time in their young lives for carefree play and exploration, unburdened by the pressures and worries of the wider world. And we say ‘children’ quite intentionally. Not ‘little boys’ and ‘little girls’ but simply children. And that’s why so many of our clothes and designs are deliberately unisex. We don’t make baby girl dungarees and baby boy dungarees; we make comfy, simple designs that anyone can wear that encourage curiosity, confidence and inquisitiveness.

Our newborn, baby and toddler clothes are cut in simple shapes that suit all little bodies and are made with timeless, iconic prints and colours that are not ‘of the season’ and will not go out of fashion. They are made with the best quality organic fabrics that hold their shape, colour and texture wash after wash, so they will most certainly be outgrown and not worn out. And because of their excellent durability, when they are outgrown, any piece from Organic Zoo can be passed on to the next little adventurer, no matter who they are!

A pair of our classic dungarees gives children the comfort and freedom of movement to run, climb, tumble, stretch, and generally roll about having fun. These are not clothes for sitting up straight, not clothes for minding your manners. They are made to get dirty, get thrown in the wash and get dirty all over again. They are made for heading outdoors, climbing trees, digging for worms, rolling in fields and staring up at the stars. They are comfy, classic clothes for everyone.


While toddlers certainly relish in the freedom and comfort dungarees offer, it's never too early to pull on your first pair. Our organic baby dungarees make an excellent outfit for newborns as they’ll keep them warm and comfy in all conditions. We love to mix and match (all our prints, colours, and shapes work so well together for this very reason), so right from the beginning you can have fun making your own dungaree sets!

When the sun is shining, a newborn can laze about in any of our comfy baby tops beneath their newborn dungarees while they gaze up at the gently moving leaves. When the mercury drops, the same dungarees will provide an extra layer of warmth over a baby bodysuit or onesie for snuggling up in the stroller. Dressing your newborn can be such a source of creative expression and fun for new parents, and we know that you want your new baby to feel comfy and cosy in their new outfits. So we’ve created newborn clothes that are made of the softest organic cotton with beautiful classic prints that feel just as lovely as they look. And a word on denim here. We know denim dungarees are irresistibly cute, but for our little ones, we find cotton is a much more forgiving fabric. So we’ll save denim for when they’re a little older and just keep them super cuddly for now!

Discovery Packs
Discovery Packs

Thoughtfully curated for those who wish to use our expertise in creating beautiful yet practical outfits for our precious small people.

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