There is an undeniable joy in matching with your little one. It fosters a strong sense of connection and is a very tangible expression of love for your child. When a little person sees their parent dressed the same as them, they feel validated, proud, and important. “My mummy loves me so much she wants to look just like me.”

Your child is intimately connected with your feelings and picks up on the tiniest cues from you about your state of mind and what it means for them. For this reason, when you do dress in sync with your little one, it’s important that you feel good while you’re doing it. When you feel comfy, chic and confident in your clothes, your child will pick up on that and have the same feelings themselves.

These two facts combined to make it clear that our zooniverse needed to grow to include clothes not just for little kids but also for the ‘big kids’ in their lives. Envisioning happy families feeling connected in their confidence sparked a passion in us that made designing and crafting our womenswear range an exercise in pure joy. With every piece we created, we saw a mum holding her daughter’s hand, both of them looking, but much more importantly, feeling great.

Whether you’re crafting mirror-image outfits or simply echoing the colour, feel or style of your little one’s clothes, including some of our stunning womenswear in your wardrobe will bring you both closer together, in style.

In our zooniverse, we live in linen. We have found linen to be a wonderful fibre to wear in both hot and cold weather, with its excellent moisture-wicking properties keeping us cool when it’s hot and cosy when it’s not.

To feel truly comfortable in a particular fabric, it needs to help keep moisture away from your skin while allowing the skin to breathe. The wonder of linen is that it can absorb up to twenty percent of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. That means in summer, your sweat is easily able to evaporate from your skin, keeping you cool, and in winter, you won't be left feeling clammy or having moisture on your skin to make you colder.

Another wonderful feature of this miracle fibre is that with each wash, it becomes softer without losing any of its strength. With prolonged wear, your linen garments become more supple and cosy without any compromise to their breathability, making them an item that genuinely improves with age, becoming softer and cuddlier in winter while staying just as cool as ever for summer.

And as if that wasn’t enough, linen fibres are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning no matter the season, wearing linen is a great way to avoid any skin irritations that other fabrics may cause. We love wearing linen, and we’re sure that with the classic linen pieces in our womenswear range, you will too.

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Discovery Packs

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