Olive Garden Reversible Blanket


Made of super-soft organic cotton, which is both warm and lightweight.

Olive Garden

100% organic 220g jersey cotton.

Our Olive Garden Reversible blanket will grow with your little one from baby to toddler and beyond. It will keep your bubba cosy during naps and chilly outdoor trips.

Organic zoo clothes are unisex and are made to be mixed and matched.

Designed in UK, made in Europe.


Size: One size, 85cm x 75cm

Baby clothing general size chart

Age Height
NB Up to 62cm
0-3 months Up to 68cm
3-6 months Up to 74cm
6-12 months Up to 80cm
1-2 years Up to 92cm
2-3 years Up to 98cm
3-4 years Up to 104cm



Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
NB 34cm 19.5cm 26cm
0-3 months 36cm 21cm 27cm
3-6 months 38.5cm 22.5cm 29cm
6-12 months 42.5cm 26cm 31cm



Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
0-3 months 51.5cm 22.5cm 27cm
3-6 months 54.5cm 23.5cm 29cm
6-12 months 63cm 26cm 32cm
12-18 months 64.5cm 27cm 33cm


Footed Sleepsuit

Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
0-3 months 39cm 19cm 25cm
3-6 months 44cm 22cm 28cm
6-12 months 57cm 26.5cm 32cm



Age Length Width
0-3 months 42cm 23.5cm
3-6 months 46cm 24.5cm
6-12 months 53cm 27.5cm


Kids Sweatshirts

Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
3-6 months 28.5cm 29cm 26cm
6-12 months 31cm 31cm 28.5cm
1-2yrs 35cm 33.5cm 32.5cm
2-3yrs 37.5cm 36cm 35.5cm
3-4yrs 41cm 38cm 39.5cm


Kids Sweatpants

Age Length Waist
3-6 months 36cm 19cm
6-12 months 37.5cm 19.5cm
1-2yrs 42cm 20cm
2-3yrs 46.5cm 22cm
3-4yrs 50.5cm 23cm


Kids Dungarees

Age Length Width
1-2yrs 70cm 34cm
2-3yrs 73cm 34cm
3-4yrs 76cm 34cm


Countryside/Sand Dunes Wide Leg Trousers

Age Length Waist
1-2yrs 39cm 22cm
2-3yrs 43cm 23cm
3-4yrs 47cm 23cm


Countryside/Sand Dunes Sweatshirt

Age Length Width Sleeve (from bel neck to cuff)
1-2yrs 32cm 35.5cm 21.5cm
2-3yrs 34cm 38cm 34.2cm
3-4yrs 36.5cm 40cm 37.2cm


Braces Joggers

Age Length (measured from waist to cuff) Waist
3-6 months 35.5cm 19.5cm
6-12 months 37cm 20cm
1-2 yrs 41.5cm 22cm


Kids Double Layer Suit with Hood

Age Length Width
3-6 months 59cm 36.5cm
6-12 months 62cm 38cm
1-2yrs 67cm 39.5cm


Kids Jersey

Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
0-3 months 28cm 25cm 27cm
3-6 months 29.5cm 26cm 30cm
6-12 months 32cm 30cm 33cm
1-2yrs 37cm 30cm 36cm
2-3yrs 40cm 32cm 40.5cm


Wrap Over Bodysuit

Age Length Width Sleeve (from neck to cuff)
0-3 months 37.5cm 19cm 26cm
3-6 months 39cm 20cm 27cm
6-12 months 40cm 21cm 29cm



Age Length Width
0-3 months 34cm 20.5cm
3-6 months 35cm 22.5cm
6-12 months 39cm 24.5cm
1-2yrs 43cm 24.5cm


Sleeveless Bodysuit

Age Length Width
0-3 months 37cm 19cm
3-6 months 39cm 20cm
6-12 months 42cm 21cm



Age Length Width
0-6 months 27cm 24cm
6-12 months 32cm 27cm
1-2yrs 37cm 29cm
2-3yrs 43cm 32cm



Age Length Waist
0-6 months 33cm 17cm
6-12 months 39cm 19cm
1-2yrs 45cm 21cm
2-3yrs 51cm 23cm
3-4yrs 57cm 23.5cm


Teddy Keep Warm Vest

Age Length Waist
1-2yrs 31.5cm 33.5cm
2-3yrs 34cm 36cm
3-4yrs 37.5cm 38cm



Age Length Waist
0-3 months 16cm 17cm
3-6 months 17cm 18cm
6-12 months 17cm 19cm


Sun Hat

Age 1/2 width relaxed 1/2 width stretched Height (without the brim)
0-12 months 22cm 24cm 13.5cm
1-2yrs 23cm 25cm 14.5cm
2-3yrs 24cm 26cm 15.5cm



Age Height (measured at back) Width (measured at top)
NB 17.5cm 14.5cm
0-3 months 18.5cm 15.5cm
3-6 months 19cm 17cm
6-12 months 20cm 19cm
1-2yrs 21.2cm 20.5cm



Age Length Waist
0-6 months 18cm 18.5cm (23.5 stretched)
6-12 months 19cm

19.5cm (25.5 stretched)

1-2yrs 20cm

 20.5cm (27.5 stretched)

2-3yrs 22cm 22cm (29.5 stretched)
3-4yrs 24cm 24cm (31.5 stretched)


Oversize T-Shirt

Age Length Width
0-6 months 26cm 29cm
6-12 months 28cm 31cm
1-2yrs 31cm 33.5cm
2-3yrs 33cm 36cm
3-4yrs 35.5cm 38cm


Cropped Dungarees

 Age Length Width
1-2yrs 55.5cm 32.5cm
2-3yrs 58.5cm 32.5cm
3-4yrs 61.5cm 32.5cm


Summer/Beach Romper

Age Length Width
0-6 months 37cm 29cm
6-12 months 38cm 31cm
1-2yrs 39cm 33.5cm
2-3yrs 42cm 36cm 



Size EU Size US Size UK Size Footlength Material outsole
0-6 months 15/6 0.5-1 0-0.5 9.8cm / 3.9 inch Roughened suede
6-12 months 17/18 2-3 1-2 11.0cm / 4.3 inch Roughened suede
12-18 months 19/20 4-5 3-4 12.2cm / 4.8 inch Flexible rubber
18-24 months 20/21 5-6 4-5 12.8cm / 5.0 inch Flexible rubber



Destination Service Transit time Price Free above Local taxes and duties
United Kingdom DPD and DHL Express 1–2 business days £4.95  £60 Included
European Union Fedex and DHL Express 3–7 business days £19 Included
USA and Canada Fedex and DHL Express 3–7 business days £9.95 £120 Included
Japan Fedex and DHL Express 3–7 business days £16 Not included
Australia Fedex and DHL Express
3–7 business days
Rest of the world Fedex and DHL Express 3–10 business days £16 Not included


Important notes

  • Cut off time for shipping on a same day is 1pm, however during busy periods the shipping time might take up to 3-4 days.
  • The indicated delivery times are general time frames established by the shipping company. No refund for shipping fees can be made on orders delivered later than the indicated delivery times.

Customs fees and import taxes

EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Custom fees and import taxes are included in shipping fees to above countries.

Rest of the world countries

Orders to above countries will be a subject to duties fees and taxes once the shipment reaches your country.

Organic zoo cannot control or predict these charges, it is the client's responsibility to pay any additional charges for customs clearance and local taxes. 

In the case you refuse to receive the order because of the unexpected additional fees, Organic zoo reserves the right to charge you both depart and return shipment costs as well as the additional fees generated by the customs.

Currently we are unable to ship to Russia.

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