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Let’s be real for a minute. Every parent knows that aside from keeping our little ones warm and looking cute, tights, shorties, or pants, any kids bottoms really, serve one other very necessary function - keeping their nappies on! Our stretchy, comfy bottoms hug tightly to your little one’s bum, keeping everything where it should be no matter how rough and tumble things get. But even pants with the best intention can get weighed down by a particularly full nappy (an unavoidable part of a baby or toddler’s life), and this is where braces come in.

Our cute-as-a-button organic baby bloomers with braces fit snugly around bub’s legs, (don’t worry though, they’re super soft and stretchy, we promise they won’t dig in), with snaps underneath for making them easy to pop on and off, and adjustable braces that go over the shoulders, keeping everything up and in place! We’ve used some of our favourite prints for our bloomers with braces - fall in love in beautiful autumnal tones, cottonfield and olive garden inspired by nature, and our classic midnight collection dotted with sweet little moons. Yes, they’re totally functional, but there’s no reason functional things can’t be beautiful as well!

Our sweatpants are magic. They can even help you make friends. Let us tell you a little story to prove it.

Once upon a time, a little child was playing in a playground. Peering through a tunnel, they spied a potential playmate at the other end. “Come through,” said the little child “come play with me.” Their new friend began to crawl but soon became tangled up in their skirt and after a few attempts, gave up. “It’s too tricky for me,” they said. “I can’t do it.” Well, the first little child saw what the problem was and knew they had the solution waiting in their bag. Quick as a wink, they found a spare pair of sweatpants and crawled through the tunnel to share them. Dress tucked into sweatpants, the two kids played merrily, crawling, climbing, tumbling, laughing and doing what kids do best - making friends!

We love our organic kids' sweatpants, we love sharing them with you, and we love that you share them with your friends. We make them from the best quality fabrics with expert craftsmanship, particularly so they can be worn, shared and passed along. They are made to be used! And our kids' joggers, along with our shorts, dungarees and fisherman pants, are all excellent for those extra-active kiddies, who seem to spend just as much time upside down as they do the right way up! Our sweatpants are also quick to pull on with no fiddly clasps, buttons or zips because we all know those kids have got no time for hanging around getting dressed!

Discovery Packs
Discovery Packs

Thoughtfully curated for those who wish to use our expertise in creating beautiful yet practical outfits for our precious small people.

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