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Kids are naturally inquisitive. From the moment they are born, they are striving to figure the world out. A newborn stretches out their arm purely to see how far it goes, a baby just has to find out how many times they can drop their spoon before dad stops picking it back up, and it takes quite a few attempts for a toddler to remember what happens if they unspool all of the toilet paper! What’s this got to do with t-shits? Well, we love our boxy oversized t-shirts because they allow all this learning to happen. They are comfy, warm and fuss-free and give children the freedom of movement to do all the exploring they need to do.

We also love them because they are durable, wash and wash and washable, shareable, hand-me-downable and made from sustainable organic cotton and terry cotton, which means they’re also helping to ensure that our planet remains explorable! They pair so naturally with our other sustainable baby and toddler clothes. A boxy tee is perfect with an organic kids cardigan when it’s a little chilly, with some dungarees and a sustainable kids vest on those in-between days, or with some shorts, fisherman pants or sweatpants when the sun shines, and don’t forget one of our baby hats!

In the world of adults’ clothing, we divide by gender because often a man’s body is not the same shape as a woman’s. This is not the case with babies, toddlers and children. In terms of clothing, nothing at all differentiates a little boy’s body from a little girl’s. And so, we don’t see any reason to divide up their clothes. A t-shirt that fits him will be just as comfy on her, so why not offer all clothes to all kids?

The pressure that comes with being a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ will be upon our little ones soon enough, so for now, we want to shield them from all that and allow them just to be kids. At organic zoo, one way we can help you with that is by making clothes to support you in that mission. Our tops are in neutral shapes with simple prints that work for everyone. Our unisex kids sweatshirts, organic baby tops and sustainable kids vests are intentionally made for anyone to feel happy in, in prints that suit all genders equally. We use natural, neutral earthy colours and print themes like olive garden, midnight and sand dunes that work with all skin tones, hair colours and styles. In a world that is often rigidly divided into ‘his’ and ‘hers’, we worked hard to make truly unisex collections and we’re really proud of what we have achieved.

Discovery Packs
Discovery Packs

Thoughtfully curated for those who wish to use our expertise in creating beautiful yet practical outfits for our precious small people.

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