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Newborn babies have almost everything to learn. You can readily and joyfully observe them learning some big skills like rolling, smiling, and even making eye contact. But there are many other essential skills that you might miss. At the very beginning of their lives, newborns are yet to be able to regulate their body temperature, which makes newborn baby clothes all the more important.

Woollen clothing has the miraculous property of being able to help us regulate our temperature. When it is cold, the natural crimp of the fibres holds warm air close to our skin, while in the heat, wool is wonderfully breathable, helping keep us cool. And no matter the weather, wool's moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties keep us dry and clean. It really is a wonder fibre.

This is why we love dressing newborns in soft, snuggly organic wool. In a newborn jumper, hat or booties, our babies are kept warm, dry and comfortable, and we can rest at ease knowing that they are neither too warm nor too cold. The wonder of wool takes care of that for us!

We put a lot of care and thought into crafting our soft, organic wool baby hats, cardigans, jumpers, and booties. We use 100% natural, untreated wool with no synthetics or harsh chemical dyes. We want them to stand the test of time and be worn not just by your baby, but by their younger friends, siblings, cousins, and even their children! They’ll need a little extra care and attention from you to ensure they last that long. But don’t worry, as wool is naturally anti-microbial, unlike other toddler clothes, you won't have to wash our knits very often. If you practise ‘wear and air’, you’ll only have to wash your knitwear when big spills happen. Maybe pop on another kids top when you’re baking or finger painting!

When you do need to wash your knitwear, gently hand wash it using mild wool detergent. Don’t rub it too vigorously or leave it to soak for too long. Then rinse it thoroughly, give it a gentle squeeze and lay it flat to dry. (Pro tip: toddlers and preschoolers are great helpers with this job!) Your washing machine might have wool or hand wash settings, but as these are such precious little pieces, we’d really prefer you do it the old-fashioned way.

It is natural for slight pilling to occur over time. If the pills bother you, they can be removed with a gentle pass over by a fabric shaver, lint roller or sweater stone, or they can just be embraced as part of your garment’s life journey. A well-pilled jumper is also well-worn and well-loved.

Discovery Packs
Discovery Packs

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