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At organic zoo, we believe in the importance of organic fibres so much that we put it in our name! We know that organic farming practices are so much kinder to our planet and that organic fibres are kinder to our skin.

Babies, in particular, have very delicate and porous skin; anything that touches their skin is easily absorbed into their little bodies. Of all pieces of clothing, baby tights are worn in the closest contact with that skin. So if there is one item of clothing worth investing in organic fibres, it’s tights. Dyes and other chemicals used in processing conventional fabrics are often still present even after washing and can potentially harm our littlest family members. Lots of our customers will tell us that their babies and kids are very prone to sensitive skin, irritations and other skin conditions, so for us, it makes good sense to do everything we can to keep their skin as healthy as possible. Opting for natural baby socks and tights helps your child avoid those harsh chemicals and the complications that exposure to them can bring. No yukky stuff, just natural fibres all the way.

Another thing we heartily believe is that kids are kids and should be allowed to be kids! We see no reason that they should be divided up into ‘little boys’ and ‘little girls’ they can all muck in together and have fun. And the same goes for baby clothing! After all, kids' bodies are the same shape regardless of their gender, they all need clothes to keep them warm, comfy and ready to play, so why shouldn’t they get to choose from one wonderful collection of clothes? Little ones will be happy, cosy and comfy in our onesies, dungarees or baby tops, no matter who they are!

All our baby tights and socks are entirely unisex, perfectly suitable for your little one, no matter their gender. Our vintage-inspired tights have braces that, aside from making them so adorable, mean there’s no need to interrupt mid-wrestle to hike them up! They are very practical, super stretchy and made from the finest quality organic fibres that’ll keep every little body warm and comfortable.

When looking for gifts to give babies and toddlers, it can be tempting to give fancy dresses or cool outerwear, and so many of us fall into this temptation. Often little kids' wardrobes are full of party clothes but lacking in the basics. That’s why parents, aunties, godparents and others love our organic baby tights or toddler socks as a great, useful gifting option that’ll certainly be well received. Socks and tights are items of clothing that little ones go through quickly - meaning they need a lot of them. You’ll never come up against the ‘oh, we already have one of these’ because they always need more!

An ‘accessories bundle’ with things like baby hats or bonnets, some bibs, and wash clothes, along with some of our beautiful, sustainable baby tights and socks, is something that every parent will thank you for. The wonderful parents in our zooniverse will often say that they have enough of those ornate, beautiful clothes that get worn once or twice. What they’ll really use are the every day, often overlooked things like tights and socks. And buying them some of our beautiful, organic, sustainable baby tights and natural baby socks gives your gift some personality. It takes it from simply useful to a really thoughtful, lovely thing to give.

Discovery Packs
Discovery Packs

Thoughtfully curated for those who wish to use our expertise in creating beautiful yet practical outfits for our precious small people.

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