There’s nothing in the zooniverse we love more than getting out and about with our little ones. Spending time immersed in nature is wonderful for their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development, and nature’s calming effects will mean you’re a better parent too! It’s a wonderful way to build your connection with the little people in your life, spending the afternoon strolling through a forest, cloud-watching from a field, or paddling in the ocean.

We’ve crafted a range of baby and toddler clothes that’ll keep bubs cool when it’s hot, cosy when it’s not, and that is rugged enough for all of their outdoor adventures. We want to make clothes that’ll take kids everywhere they want to go, be it to the top of the best climbing tree, the bottom of the sand pit, or into the briny blue. Our reusable swimming nappies make swimming with your little one less taxing on our planet, as it won’t mean throwing a plastic nappy away after every swim.

Our water nappies are nappy and swimmers in one. Our prints are so beautiful there’s no need to wear anything else. We have to say just a swim nappy and one of our baby hats makes the cutest little outfit, but you should really add your favourite baby top for a little more sun protection! The nappies work to contain any messes so you can relax in the water without worrying about any accidents, but they are not absorbent, so they won’t soak up the water and weigh your little one down.

If the prospect of laundering cloth nappies is a bridge too far for you, hold off before you also strike washable swimming nappies off the list with them. They are different from regular cloth nappies. Cloth nappies absorb the mess and so need special washing to make sure they are properly clean and hygienic, while reusable swimming nappies work by simply containing the mess with a snug fit around bub’s legs and tummy. This means they don’t soak up the sea water or anything else, so washing them is not such a big undertaking. After they’ve been used, just rinse them thoroughly and throw them in the wash with the rest of your swimmers.

Our swimming nappies are made from a recycled polyester shell with a soft and fluffy bamboo terry lining, which means they are durable enough to stand chlorinated pool water or salty sea water - nothing like the healing powers of salt water to soothe a spot of nappy rash! But do keep in mind that because they contain, rather than absorb messes, they won’t work as a substitute for nappies out of water. Just whip off your baby bodysuit and pop on the swim nappy when you get to the beach, and you’re ready to go!

Discovery Packs
Discovery Packs

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