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Babies, toddlers and kids are much too busy to be spending time worrying about how they look. They need to perfect their crawling technique, park all their cars in the right spots in the garage, and work out the rules for the next game of mummies and daddies. There’s simply no time for thinking about boys' clothes and girls' clothes. We think that the kids have got it right. Kids should be dressed as kids, in clothes that enable them to get down to the important business of childhood, learning, growing and playing.

Our prints, fabrics and designs are crafted with exactly this in mind. We have deliberately chosen gender-neutral, boxy cuts with unisex colours and prints to suit every little body. We don’t have time for frills, bows or cartoon characters. We want kids' clothes made to throw on and go without another thought. We use the best quality, organic fibres and expert craftspeople to ensure that our clothes can withstand washing and washing and washing so that they stay in great shape no matter how many times they are handed down.

From their very first days, until they’re ready to pull on their school uniform, we’ve got you covered. We have crafted baby bodysuits and onesies, dungarees and leggings, knitwear, hats and bonnets, and even kids tops and sweatshirts in the most beautiful earthy tones and patterns, including our signature prints 'Cottonfield', ‘Midnight', 'Olive Garden' and many more. Colours that suit boys, girls and everyone in between to make sure everyone feels great in their clothes.

There's a wonderful Norwegian saying – “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!” which translates to “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!” It speaks to that pioneering Nordic ethos that sees them out and about, enjoying the natural world no matter the weather. Norwegian kids are never kept indoors because of the weather. If they want to go out, they bundle up and get out! And we think that that’s what childhood’s all about.

We make unisex clothes that help kids to do just this. Mix-and-match designs, perfect for layering up when the mercury drops and stripping off when the sun shines. We use natural, breathable fibres that help our little ones regulate their body temperature, ensuring they don’t get too hot or too cold - particularly important for little people who’ve yet to get a hang of letting us know exactly what’s bothering them. If you’re baby, toddler, or child is comfy in their clothes, with a full belly and a warm heart, they’re ready for the world to get out and about, to learn, explore and play.

Discovery Packs
Discovery Packs

Thoughtfully curated for those who wish to use our expertise in creating beautiful yet practical outfits for our precious small people.

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