Meet The Maker

Meet potter Laetitia Rouget.

Laetitia’s cheerful ceramics are made to make you smile. In her hands, imperfections become fun, with colourful and cheeky pieces full of positive energy and joyful sayings designed to inspire little imaginations and nurture connections and conversations.

Each piece is inspired by a story and handmade ‘with love and naughtiness’. The plate she’s created exclusively for Organic Zoo will delight children at mealtimes as they reveal the words ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. It’s a simple phrase that captures the heart of being a parent.

“This slogan simply says you’re perfect to me, and I love you as you are.  It represents well the unconditional love a parent can feel, and it’s a nice reminder for everyday life that there is no such thing as perfection.”

- Laetitia

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