Introducing the Organic Zoo Meet The Maker Collection, a celebration of creativity and the simple joy of making. Our new designs were created as a gentle reminder to allow time and space for creative play in our lives. The shapes, patterns and colours are inspired by the art of craft and the beauty of the handmade.

Each detail represents our desire to encourage children's natural curiosity and imagination and for grown-ups to rediscover a little of that wonder, too. From cutting and glueing to painting, building, and sculpting, we want people to delight in the act of making and be free to enjoy the process rather than focusing on the result.

To complement the launch of our new clothing range, we’ve joined up with four talented makers and asked them each to create an exclusive handmade item for little ones that captures the magic of making. Our chosen four each work with different materials and with differing styles, but they all share a passion for nurturing creativity in
childhood and throughout life. Meet our Organic Zoo makers - wood carver Dickon Morris, crocheter Ella Thompson, artist Esther Schuivens and potter Laetitia Rouget.

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